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How Can Beauty School Set You Up for a Career?

December 20th, 2019

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If you’re interested in beauty school, you probably have an end goal in mind. You might want to be a barber, a makeup stylist or a salon owner. But there are a variety of careers available to those who have gone through a cosmetology program, some of which you may never have considered. If you’re looking for a reason to go through with beauty school, these interesting careers can certainly give you the boost you need to go for it.

Beauty Writer and Content Creator

There are lots of places for beauty content written by people with lots of experience in the beauty industry. Think about it — on YouTube, some of the most well-known content creators are beauty gurus. In magazines, some of the most widely-read sections critique and comment on beauty. You can be a part of that.

Although this can be a very interesting field to go into, it’s not always the easiest. It’s difficult to land a job with a well-known website or print magazine even if you do have cosmetology experience from a well-known school like Tricoci University of Beauty Culture. Consider starting a blog or using freelancing sites to get yourself off the ground.

Image Consultant

Image consulting is a growing industry, first introduced back in the 1970s and 1980s when people were really starting to understand the impact of an image. Nowadays, anyone can get image consulting. That includes whole companies, celebrities, well-known public figures and even just individuals looking to get a leg up.

When you have cosmetology experience, you’re more of an authority in this area. You have more information about how to create the right image, and you may even be able to help a client take physical steps toward creating that image. Though it can be a tough industry to start in, completing a cosmetology program can certainly give you the upper hand.

Product Designer

Whether you’re going through cosmetology school or you’re just browsing the aisles of your local drugstore, you’ll notice a huge variety of products. Have you ever wondered who designs those products? From start to finish, these products draw on a variety of designers, and your cosmetology experience may provide the perfect path to becoming one.

As a cosmetologist or esthetician, you can learn more about the optics of different products, making it easier to create your own. Whether it’s as a lead designer in a high-profile product launch or just as one of the testers and manufacturers behind more obscure generic names, you can genuinely make a name for yourself here, even if it’s behind closed doors.

Fashion Show Stylist

Sure, fashion shows are meant to show off the fashion and the clothing different designers are releasing for the next season. But it’s just as important that all of the models catch people’s eyes in different ways. That’s why fashion show stylists take things to the next level, conceptualizing and implementing cutting-edge concepts.

If you really love playing around with different fashion concepts, you can definitely get a lot from becoming a fashion show stylist. It’s far and away one of the most creative jobs out there. Of course, it’s also very hard to become a well-known fashion show stylist. But if you have your heart set on it, a cosmetology program will open the door for you.

Wedding Cosmetologist

Although this is more along the lines of an expected career to take after completing a cosmetology program, some people might not know it’s in its own category. Some people do choose to exclusively take on wedding clients once they complete their cosmetology program and decide to implement their skills.

As a wedding cosmetologist, you’ll definitely have a more stressful job. Makeup is one of the most important parts of a wedding ensemble, and your bridal client will definitely have lots of desires and demands. But if your heart’s in it, it can be a beautiful job for yourself and your clients.


Clearly, there are plenty of job opportunities open after you complete a cosmetology program at Tricoci University. All you have to do is start. When you decide you want to move into this field, whether for one of these careers or for another more mainstream career, all you have to do is get in touch with a representative from Tricoci University and start your cosmetology journey.

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