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4 Reasons to Consider Salon Products for Your Next Restock

November 7th, 2020

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If you’ve ever looked for advice on your next hair care product, chances are you’ve seen someone recommend a salon hair care product over a so-called “drugstore” product, which really just refers to any products you purchase at a retailer that’s not a salon. However, you may not have known why. What is it that makes salon products more effective than drugstore products? Here are four great reasons salon hair care products might be the best option for your needs.

1. More High-Quality Ingredients

First off, salons tend to have more high-quality ingredients than drugstore products. As a way to explain this, consider two different burritos, one of which you get from a fast-food restaurant and the other you get from a five-star restaurant. Even though they probably have very similar ingredients, you expect the five-star restaurant burrito to have much higher-quality ingredients.

The same thing can often hold true with hair care products. You expect a salon product to utilize very high-quality ingredients, even if the ingredients have the same name as the ingredients on a drugstore product label. That’s one of the reasons salon products are more expensive than drugstore products, after all.

2. A More Concentrated Formula

Water is an ingredient in most products, but it might surprise you how watered-down many drugstore products are. In fact, many salon products hold their own against drugstore products with regard to price when you take into account how concentrated they are.

When you first start to use a salon product, it’s a good idea to get some information from your salon specialist regarding exactly how much to use. That’s because it’s often much, much less than you’re using right now with a more watered-down drugstore product. With a salon product, you’re likely to end up using a single bottle for months on end.

3. Fewer Worries About Filler Ingredients

Water isn’t the only filler ingredient a product might include. Drugstore products all too often include a variety of filler ingredients that make it much more difficult to trust the quality of a product. These filler ingredients aren’t always toxic or bad for you, but you never want to leave this question up to chance.

When it comes to filler ingredients, it’s simply better if you have little to no filler ingredients in your products rather than having any, even if they’re not harmful in any way. Because salon products rely on efficacy as their main selling point, they can’t afford to put filler ingredients in their products, no matter how inoffensive those ingredients are.

4. Ingredients Perfectly Tailored to Your Hair Needs

One great benefit of salon hair care products is the fact that you’ll be able to get a salon product that’s perfectly tailored to your unique hair care needs. That’s because you can only buy salon products in salons, which means you’ll be able to ask your hair care provider to suggest a salon product that will work for your hair care needs.

The best way to get your next salon product is to make an appointment at a Tricoci University of Beauty Culture clinical salon. The students at one of these salons will be able to help you with your hair care needs, recommend a salon product, and make sure you have everything you need to keep your beauty on point.


No matter what you’re looking for — better price per usage, more efficacy or ingredients that target your hair needs more effectively — a salon product is always going to be better than a drugstore product for it. Next time you need to restock your hair care products, think about these things, then consider how an appointment at a Tricoci University salon could make it easier for you to manage your hair care needs.

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