A Week at Tricoci University

One Amazing Week at Tricoci University

June 14th, 2012

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When you’re trying to decide on the beauty school to attend, you want to know more than just the basics. It can be helpful to know that Tricoci University of Beauty Culture is accredited by NACCAS, that it’s won beauty awards, and that students love it, but that doesn’t give you an idea of the culture inside the school. Step inside the Peoria location to experience a week at Tricoci University and learn more about why these students adore this school.

Tricoci University Charity Drives

Tricoci University takes monumental pride in its ability to really contribute to the community around it. To that end, it often works with local charities to contribute monetarily. From the Ronald McDonald charity to Easterseals, it’s easy to feel like you’re really part of the community because you’re actively working to make the community better.
It’s common for Tricoci University to donate money and items to charities in the area. This allows anyone to feel like they’re part of the effort; if you aren’t able to donate money, you can always donate some items and join a bigger cause than yourself. It really helps prepare you to step into the community as a salon worker.

Beauty Shows and Behind-The-Scenes

How better to learn more about the beauty industry than by attending local beauty shows? Every year, Tricoci University students are able to attend beauty shows in the area. These beauty shows often highlight some of the most advanced and knowledgeable estheticians and cosmetologists in the area—people you could become with the right amount of hard work.

Many Tricoci University students also get a chance to look behind the scenes in many beauty shows. To provide extracurricular options for students, Tricoci University often partners with local shows to give students a look at how the machine actually turns. You may be able to watch and learn more about how these shows really function.

Visiting Other Tricoci University Salons

A Week at Tricoci University

Tricoci University’s campuses stretch out over three states, but the school knows that there are talented individuals in each school. That’s why it occasionally arranges events and meeting opportunities for students to meet each other from various Tricoci University salons. By visiting a local Tricoci University salon, you can get more of an idea of the school’s continuing education options.

Additionally, having communication between Tricoci University schools really reinforces the idea that everyone attending the school is part of a community. Whether you’re attending a Tricoci University salon or you’re working with your peers to raise funds for a charity, visiting other salons can be a crucial part of the process.

Rush Week From a Student’s Perspective

“Rush Week” is one of the most exciting parts of an education at Tricoci University. During Rush Week, students who are completing their 11 weeks in the essentials classroom start taking real clients in the clinical salon. Tricoci University typically creates themes for everyone to take part in, like Hawaiian Day and Favorite Era.

Students in a Tricoci University program love Rush Week because it’s full of adrenaline and excitement. Up until this week, you’ll have only ever worked on beauty concepts in the classroom. Now, you’ll be able to do it on real people under the trained eye of a knowledgeable expert. It’s one of the most exciting weeks you’ll experience at Tricoci University.


It’s possible to experience all of these things in just one week at Tricoci University. Whether you’ve been thinking about a cosmetology or esthetics course for years or you’re just starting to realize that beauty school may be for you, Tricoci University is here for you. Schedule a tour today to learn more about your next move at Tricoci University.

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