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A Willingness To Learn

July 2nd, 2014

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My experience at Tricoci University has been a fascinating one. When I first started attending school, I wanted to know everything there was to know about hair. I looked, acted and sounded different than I do now. I had many doubts because of my age and the fact that I had already been to school before. I knew I wanted to do hair but was unsure of this journey. Tricoci University gave me the foundation I believe I was looking for. Tricoci’s style is unique and the standards are set high.

While attending school, I was able to find out what comes easy for me and what was a challenge. I truly enjoyed all of the things that I have learned from the cuts, to the color, the perms, to the relaxers, the makeup, to the waxing, the manicures, pedicures, to the styles and maintenance of the hair. I have a willingness to continue to learn. I valued the customer service skills and retail skills. I have found that the customer service skills have been one of the most rewarding. Customer Service is huge. When a client understands you and feels like they are being taken care of in a personal way, they trust you and relationships are built. I’ve had clients from the very young to the very mature. Each client brought something different and I looked forward to that. I definitely had a lot of satisfied clients and I built many client stylist relationships.

I enjoyed working with a diverse client base.

I also valued my experience with my fellow students, teachers, and advisors. I believe my teachers have truly poured into me all that they have to offer. They have believed in me as well as held me accountable. They were always there for me concerning extra help and willing to provide that help. I have found that my fellow students were a great resource in helping to educate me and grow me socially. I enjoyed working on projects with them and getting together to attend the hair shows. I appreciate the fact that Tricoci is very diverse socially, economically and spiritually.

I want to thank Tricoci for the various service events and programs that were sponsored to personally help the students or provide an opportunity for the students to give back to the community. Tricoci University worked with me where I was and helped transform me into who I am today.

I believe I have been prepared for the many facets in the industry of hair. If I had to recommend a cosmetology school, Tricoci University would definitely be the school.

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