Top Makeup Trends for Fall

Top 6 Fall Makeup Looks to for Inspiration

August 10th, 2021

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Throughout the ages, makeup has captivated the masses setting the tone––pun intended––for each era. In the 1920s, the style of makeup had a doll-like, almost theatrical quality––arched, drawn-in eyebrows, prominent rosy cheeks, and a perfectly painted pout.

Over the next 100 years, a makeup transformation weaved through different aesthetics, sometimes taking a page from the past for inspiration. Today’s makeup application is more skilled and refined, and the products are now formulated with hyper-color pigments for those beauty pros looking to make a statement and aren’t afraid of using color.

Top 6 makeup trends for fall

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The Graphic Eye

  1. The graphic eye has a polished finish.
  2. The linework can be sexy or painterly.

This Tricoci University student shows off a sugary and colorful graphic eye reminiscent of 60s fashion icon Twiggy’s graphic eye. Brightening your eyes with the color of the rainbow and showing off your beauty skills is trending this fall.

A Smoldering Smoky Eye With a Twist

  1. Smoky eye combined with natural skin tone
  1. The smoky eye with a splash of color

The smoky eye today is a charcoal smudge. The charcoal smudge can be a full eye, coupled with color, or applied with a natural skin tone. The bright and flashy color palette used on the brow bone, like how this look was executed, is a full eye full of a spectrum of warm and smoky hues.

Lashing Out

  1. Au natural, just-out-of-the-shower lashes
  2. Thick and feathered lashes

False lashes aren’t new, but a semi-permanent solution (thanks to modern innovation) has given people the “I woke up like this” confidence and convenience they didn’t previously have. Styles like the wet look or the loaded-up thick lashes have become popular in the last few years.

Brightly Colored Lids

  1. Powder pastels are popular this fall
  2. Bold and rich pinks and purples are perfect for an evening look

These pastel-colored lids are framing the eyes and creating a soft look. You can layer on this look with a liquid liner and big and bold lashes for an exciting pop of color and contrast.

Full Tinted Lips

  1. The 90s are back, complete with a brown lip and lip liner.
  2. Vampy red and bold pinks get a spotlight this fall.

This fall is all about bringing attention to a full, colorful lip. While color is in, the fall and winter, unfortunately, dries the moisture out of the skin and lips. Be consistent with hydration, lip scrubs, and moisturizer to leave lips looking youthful, full, and luscious.

Bold and Soft Color Story

  1. From tangerine to rosy red, rouge your cheeks this fall.
  2. Contour and highlighted cheekbones are sticking around this fall with a touch of color.

Instead of giving all the attention to the eyes and lips, focus on the cheekbones. Whether you’re softening the look with a peachy or tangerine liquid blush or enhancing your cheeks with highlights and contouring, you can shed old skin and show a fresh-looking face this fall. For a softer look, wear a light lip and pastel eyeshadow.

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