1st Place at the Full Blooded Barber Battle

June 11th, 2018

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Bridgeview, IL Barber Student Jose David Ostolaza takes first place in Full Blooded Barber Battle

Born in New York and raised in Puerto Rico since he was seven years old, Jose Ostolaza had a very difficult childhood.  His father was involved with the wrong people and because of that, so was he. “I always enjoyed cutting hair and embraced it more after I decided to change my life and agreed to move to Chicago. I worked in a couple of shops, but I realized I was just going to be a chair barber if I didn’t get my license. I wasn’t just looking for a barber license, I wanted more as a professional and Tricoci University was a perfect choice for me. I knew that I would develop other skills that other barber programs don’t offer.”

Jose competed and won first place in the Full Blooded Battle because he wanted to prove to himself that he truly is the best in the industry. “In competition, I represent Tricoci University and demonstrate that this university has a solid barber program. I also wanted that belt so much. You have to realize how special we are and how a haircut can impact a person’s life. Not to be afraid to fail because the only way for someone to succeed in life is to fail and get right back up.”

“With the amount of experience that I have, I was able to make my dream come true by winning first place trophy in the Full Blooded Barber Battle. Not very many people can say that they’ve won trophies or a belt. That means a lot to me and it continues to motivate and reassure me that I’m on the right path towards my career as a barber. Winning that battle has been one of the greatest moments for me here at Tricoci University.”

About Jose

His Favorite Cut

The Fade, you can’t go wrong with a good fade.

Aspirations for the Future

To become a licensed barber and return to be a Tricoci University educator. One of my dreams is to also go to Dubai for a beauty show.

His Favorite Barbers

  1. Me
  2. @bombythebarber
  3. @joelmasterbarber
  4. @ricarbarber
  5. @carlosbarber_32

Contact Jose

Instagram: @jose_david_allstarbarber
Facebook: @josedavid.ostolaza


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