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Crafts for Kids

February 8th, 2013

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Guest post by Gabriella Garr, a student at our Libertyville campus.

Tricoci University is known for giving clients a memorable experience as soon as they walk through the double glass doors. This time, we are extending the experience past the doors and into The Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago. Our clients? They are beautiful children who suffer from life-threatening illnesses and require around-the-clock care but continue to have a smile on their face no matter what the day brings. With these smiles in mind, Tricoci launched Crafts for Kids.

Starting at the end of January, students were encouraged to bring crafts for the patients at Lurie Childrens Hospital as a way for them to express their inner “Tricoci Student” and let their creativity reach others in a similar position. They are able to make cards, bracelets, airplanes and tons of other things just in time for Valentine’s Day. A box was placed in the reception area and began to pile up quickly. TUBC students also let clients be a part of the special occasion by asking them to bring in crafts in exchange for a discount on services and cupcakes were passed out to every person who brought in any crafts. Students took it one step further and held a “Tips for Crafts” day in which students volunteered their tip money to purchase crayons, markers and other arts and crafts. Students also wanted to show their support for these brave children by making Valentine’s Day cards to be delivered with the box of crafts.

Tricoci University is all about giving. Whether it be a great haircut or color, or putting a smile on a child’s face, we are taught that beauty knows no boundaries.

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