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Fashion Show for a Cause

April 19th, 2012

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By Cynthia, Tricoci University in Glendale Heights

On March 25th, I had the honor to go to Alta Villa Banquets for a benefit fashion show sponsored by the Italian American Executives of Transportation that helped raise money for underprivileged women and women with special needs. My role was to use my creative side and style both young and older girls’ hair. When I arrived, I saw a beautiful ballroom filled with tables full of people eating and reminiscing. I was told to go backstage and start completing up-dos for all of the models that were going to be in the fashion show. Their ages ranged from two-years-old to 28-years-old. There were 25 girls in total. Five girls from Tricoci University, Leah, Emily, Drea, Brittany and myself all attended. We each did five girls hair within three hours. The smiles on the models faces were priceless. Many of the younger children claimed they felt like “princesses” that day; it truly made my heart melt. Ms. Laura, our teacher, and the master of updos, helped us tremendously with the girls’ hair. She taught us new techniques and many different styles that we hadn’t known prior to the show. The girls would come into the room where we were doing hair, tell us exactly what they wanted, such as curling their whole head or only half of it, and then get ready and walk in the fashion show. By the time we were finished with all of the girls’ hair, we were ready to watch the fashion show. The girls walked down the runway, showing off their newly styled hair with big smiles on their faces. Both before and after the fashion show, many different boutiques were set up where attendees could purchase items that would benefit the cause. There was even a photo booth where everyone could go in and take as many pictures as they wanted.

Never in a million years did I think that I would work behind stage at a fashion show. Everything was so fast-paced. The stylists would have only a certain amount of time to finish the up-do, which put the pressure on them, but clearly we all worked very well under pressure. This was an amazing experience that really proved to us what we’re actually made of. It was such an honor to be a part of such a great cause. If I ever had the opportunity to be a part of this again, I wouldn’t even have to think to say yes. Although it was hard work, it was an amazing experience and a fun time that both the stylists and models had.

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