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How to Cut Bangs Like a Pro

February 23rd, 2016

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By Trish Galbavy, Cosmetology Master Educator

Bangs can make a great first impression.  They go with pretty much any haircut.  It is all about the willingness of your guests’ comfort level.  Anytime you are sculpting in the fringe area, you want to make sure the bangs are blow-dried in the direction the guest will be wearing them, as you will want to cut the bangs dry.  Remember the hair stretches up to 50% more when it is wet.  You will also want to explain to them that they may need to come in between visits for regular bang trims.  Once you’ve learned how to cut bangs with skill, your guests are sure to come back!

Textured bangs are a sure thing for 2016.  I want to go over one of my favorite techniques that I call “The Universal Bang.”  This bang can be worn straight forward with a concave shape or swept to either side. This is a great way to explain to your guest that they can change up their daily style.

Step 1

Start by blow drying the hair forward on top of the hair strand with a Denman brush, make sure not to use a round brush, as you will get too much volume.  Take a triangular section in the fringe area.  The amount of hair you take will depend on the guests’ density of their hair.  Take your triangular section, comb the hair nice and smooth, converge and pinch the hair in the middle of your section at 0 degrees using your fingers.

Step 2

Use your texturizing shears, yes your texturizing shears!  You will not take off all the length at once using these shears, so you will need to rock the shears back and forth after each snip.  I always say it is better to cut the bangs longer at first because I would rather cut them five times than once too short!

Step 3

Once you have established the desired length, take the entire fringe and hold the hair up straight at 90 degrees, then you want to point cut the ends with your texturizing shears.  Drop down the bangs and make sure you do not have to repeat the texturizing process.  Once you have the texture you are looking for and what matches your guests overall look, you have completed sculpting the fringe!

Step 4

You can add a texture paste or pomade to piece out the bangs, but just remember to use very little product, as it will go a long way especially in the fringe area.  Your guest will also have the option of taking the flat iron and wearing the bangs super straight or take the flat iron to bevel under the bangs for a little pop of fun.

And voila!  You have completed your bang trim service!

Once you make it through you first bang cut, you will be able to create any style bang.  Your end result will depend on the direction you hold the hair and your finger position.  Remember to push yourself out of that comfort zone in order to be successful in the techniques you do.  You all have that skill within.   Remember practice, practice, practice!  I cannot wait to see all the new fun trends recreated by all of you!

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