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Jungle Fashion Show at Chicago NE

June 1st, 2012

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By Shannon L. Singh, Tricoci University at Chicago NE
On April 22, the Chicago NE campus held its second fashion show entitled, “The Jungle.” The show was planned by instructors Ms. Elaina and Ms. Katie. With months of planning, the fashion show was quite a success.

“The Jungle” showcased many exotic animals. It wasn’t the usual elephants, lions and bears. Students emulated each animal as they worked on their model’s hair, makeup and nails.

Seats were filled by 6 p.m., and the models were anxious to strut the runway as students, teachers, staff, family, friends and guests looked on. There were 10 models. Both essential and advanced students had the opportunity to participate.

As models made their way down the runway, it was clear just how talented the students of Chicago NE are. They may not have been aware of their talents but that night was quite an eye-opener. Each model posed and imitated the motions of each animal they portrayed. It was obvious the judges would have a hard time picking a winner. After the models and the stylists walked the runway, the judges then deliberated. It took about 10 – 15 minutes to choose a winner. While the judges were making their decision, the MC, Charlisa, encouraged guests to walk the runway. The DJ played some popular tunes, such as “Cupid Shuffle” and “Wobble,” and the runway then turned into a dance floor. Even our general manager, Ms. Katie Pohlman was busting some moves on the floor!

As the judges returned, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners were announced. The 1st place winner won a basket full of TU products, a spa day and leap points. Both 2nd and 3rd place won leap points. There was also a raffle at the door, where the winner won half the earnings and a beauty day while the other half of the money would be donated to the Lincoln Park Zoo. Everyone was a winner in my eyes. They all worked exceptionally hard, represented their school and made us proud. Also, it was very heartwarming to see all the other students, as well as instructors, who weren’t stylists in the fashion show come in early to help decorate, clean-up after the show and help with models, whether it was lining them up or giving them the cue when to walk on stage. Sunday was the day people got to see our Tricoci family in action! I would also like to mention the new essential class that started two weeks ago and jumped right in; being models and helping out. It was a time where they got to bond with other students and feel welcomed. We greatly appreciate Ms. Elaina and Ms. Katie for thinking of this fashion show and working diligently for months to pull it all off. We anxiously await another, although they said they will have to get back to us!

As I have about a month left of school, I reflect on my time at Tricoci and the many highlights of my education. I must say that this fashion show was one of them, and I will always remember it. Although I was not a stylist in the fashion show, I encourage students from the Chicago NE campus and others, essentials or advanced, to not be scared to participate but brave and confident. It’s something to put on your resume and a huge accomplishment. Lastly, I must say that any future fashion shows, I will definitely be in attendance!

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