Karina Delatorre

Student Spotlight: Karina Delatorre

March 3rd, 2016

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TUBC’s Yelp Elite, Karina Delatorre

Tricoci University is proud to showcase the Bridgeview campuses cosmetology student, Karina Delatorre. In the last few months, Karina has become one of TUBC’s most talked about students on Yelp and as you can see by all of her of 5-star reviews, adored by her clients.

“I guess you can say I grew into liking and admiring cosmetology through my mother and sisters. My mother was a hairstylist and my sisters did nails. I really admired my mother and took a liking to cosmetology and was curious to learn. One day, my father gave us the news that we were all moving to Chicago and I was devastated! I left my school, my friends… everything! Life customs were different for me and my sisters in America. I had to start from scratch. We had no knowledge of the English language and in Mexico I was nearly done in high school. Since moving to Chicago, I set my sights on passing high school, knowing and learning very little English but still graduating with honors. I then got married at the age of 21 and received a lot support from my husband and family to go to Tricoci University. I applied and here I am. I have studied and worked very hard to be where I am at now. When I first started school, my goal was to earn my degree and luckily get a job in a salon like Mario Tricoci Salon and Spa, but it’s now to a point where my goals have gotten so much bigger than that. I want to open up my own salon with my sisters and I want to help instruct others students the in the art of cosmetology. This, for me, is not just a hobby or a gig. It’s truly a passion that I love.” – Karina Delatorre, Cosmetology student at Tricoci University’s Bridgeview campus

Karina, we’d again like to extend our personal congratulations on all of your amazing success in the student salon AND the inspiration that you provide to all of our students and educators across all 14 campuses. Without a doubt, your go-getter attitude and entrepreneurial spirit is exceptional.

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