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6 Makeup Trends for Fall

August 17th, 2021

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At Tricoci University, our students live and breathe all of the latest beauty trends. Each week, our students narrow down a list of products they’ve tried and decide on the most fashionable and flattering styles.

Tricoci University students have curated six top beauty trends—some pleasantly surprising, others tried-and-true fall staples.

The Graphic Eye

graphic eye

If a bold graphic eye feels unconventional for your taste, you can always subdue the look with a natural, demure finish by applying a thin line in earth tones. The graphic eye trend will fuel your creativity for those with a steady hand and who like experimenting with painterly aesthetics.

Here are some of our favorite interpretations of the graphic eye:

  • A not-so-subtle vibrant and beautifully applied graphic eye with rainbow colors
  • A colorful graphic eye coupled with natural skin tone
  • A clean, soft and cloudy shadow contrasted with a sharp, clean graphic liner

A Smoldering Smoky Eye With a Twist

smoky eye with a twist

Skip the liner altogether and opt for a smoky winged eye this fall. Or contrast a smoky eye with natural skin tone with loaded-up lashes to brighten the eyes. For evening wear, you can always rely on the smoky eye, but make it extra.

Some of our favorite inspirations include:

  • High-pigment eyeliner works beautifully for a winged smoky eye
  • A blend of warm and sultry shades for a smoldering smoky eye
  • Loaded-on lashes paired with a charcoal smoky eye

Lashing Out

lashing out

Whether you’re going for wet-looking lashes or 90s-inspired eyelash extensions, our students and their protégés are serving up eye-opening lashes.

  • The coveted feathery extra-volume lashes
  • Lashes that are loaded up and dramatic
  • Channel old Hollywood with lustrous lashes 

Brightly Colored Lids


From fuchsia to electric blue, this fall has a charming color story to play with. Brighten your eyes with neon pinks and embolden your eyes with volumizing lashes.

  • A pale powder blue shadow with a pop of color on the pout
  • Fall has a place for warm tones with a splash of summer hues
  • A head-turning blue and green palette this fall is trending

Full Tinted Lips

full tinted lips

A perfectly tinted pout is a fall favorite. Even a quality pigmented color won’t make your lips look luscious if they’re not properly hydrated in the fall and winter months. Prep your pout with lip treatments and sugar lip scrubs before applying a tint or color.

Our students have concluded that the 90s brown lips are making a comeback, and the vampy fall red is always in style. If you favor a more rosy tint for your lips, soft pinks and tangerines are making a comeback this fall.

  • Brown lip with brown liner channeling the 1990s
  • Vampy red or burgundy for a perfect fall pout
  • Pinks and shades that emphasize your natural lip color

Bold and Soft Color Story

bold and soft color story

A soft lip color coupled with bold liner and lashes balances out the look and brings attention to the eyes. Add a rosy cream-based blush to the cheeks and a lip tint that enhances your natural lip color. Get theatrical with your eyes for a perfectly put-together bold and soft color story.

  • Contour and highlight
  • Add a touch of color with liquid blush
  • Bold wet-looking eyelashes

Find fall beauty tip inspiration, and follow the latest posts from Tricoci University students or contact us today to inquire about courses. For more insider tips on all the most flattering makeup trends, check out our infographic that breaks down the best  back to school beauty trends. 

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