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My Journey at Tricoci University

June 2nd, 2014

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by Ashley Temes, a student at our Rockford campus

Where even to begin? The first step of myself choosing Tricoci was knowing I wanted to go into the hair industry. After I knew what I wanted to study and do for the rest of my life, it was choosing what school was best for me. When I visited Tricoci, I was nervous, but excited in hopes this school would be the school for me. I walked in the door and could already tell I wanted to go here. After I toured the school, I knew this was the school for me. I wanted a top end school in the area that could give me the best education. With that being said Tricoci met my credentials for the education I wanted.

August 12, 2013 was my first day of school. As I was anxiously awaiting for someone else in the parking lot to get out of their cars to walk with me inside, I gathered up the courage to walk in the door myself – and that’s where my experience begun. Walking in my classroom to a warm hearted, loving teacher was the best part of my first day. I just knew this was going to be a great journey. I had a great experience in essentials from showcasing my skills, to making life long friends, and knowing this was he right career path for me. Through laughs and tears my first 11 weeks were already completed. Where did the time go? Next step was the famous clinic floor!

How exciting it was finally being out on the clinic floor! It was time to work on actual clients. Nervous, but quite excited I jumped right into the groove of things. Working hard to get those mark offs done to making sure I could give my client what they wanted done. I prescribed my clients with the best products that would best suit them. I feel retailing clients is helping prepare my skills for the salon world. The floor is upbeat and so much fun! I love learning new tricks and techniques to try on future clients as well. The floor is such a great environment to learn and to grow.

Another great opportunity I received while being at Tricoci was being involved in our student council. I have been in Tricoci’s student council since my first week of advanced classes. I have helped brain storm ideas from fundraising to Food Fridays, or just getting student more involved in the school. We even came up with the idea to have officers among our student body. I knew this was a role i wanted to serve as. As a result, I ran for our student council president and won a tight race! I couldn’t be more happier with how great student council is turning out to be. I feel we accomplish a lot and our school is becoming a much closer team! Student council is such a great group to help get yourself involved and to keep others as well as yourself motivated.

With all that being said, I assure you that I have had an astonishing experience at Tricoci. As sad as I am to graduate in a couple of weeks, I know I am well prepared to go out into the world. I will miss my teachers and staff and fellow students who I met while attending school at Tricoci. A big thank you to everyone who has had an impact on me while attending Tricoci university!

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