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May 13th, 2013

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Guest post by Andrea Zaragoza, TUBC Student at our CNE Campus.

With every season come different trends. First, let’s talk about shapes. Beauty school teaches us the basic nail shapes: pointed, oval, round, and square. Manicurist, Marian Newman, for Tory Burch doesn’t believe that any of these are the perfect shapes, but that the perfect shape is called a “Cutip.” The “Cutip” is a shape that follows along with your own cuticle shape. The end result of this cool technique leads into everyone having their own customized shape.

Here are the top nail trends for 2013.

The V Shape

Another way to try out different shapes is in nail design. “V” nails are all over these days. The design became popular through manicurist Jin Soon Choi. They look so sleek and maybe even a little intimidating but they are very easy to recreate at home. To begin paint your nails with a base color of choice. Then you create a diagonal line with another color from the bottom left corner of your nail to the top center of your nail. Then you make another diagonal line from the bottom right corner of your nail to the top center again. Finish by filling in any spaces to the nail edges and using a top coat to seal the look in.


This season let’s tone down our nails and give them a fresh clean look. Neutral colors are everywhere. From cream colors to soft milky shades. It’s not really a new trend but it is a classic that never goes out. Minimalist is the way to go.

However, if you feeling that a soft neutral nail is not for you then add a little pop of color with the two tone manicure. Be a little bolder and choose two contrasting shades. You can do a two tone French manicure, moon manicure or even a small strip of color down the center.


Another and final trend to try is the matte nail. You can mattify just about any polish. Find a matte top coat and you can use it with any colors you already own. You can create several looks with this, why not try a few of the trends above and create a French manicure with a matte look.

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