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No Team Quite Like Tricoci

May 27th, 2014

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Tricoci University’s Glendale Heights campus had a blast doing hair and makeup for the end of year fashion show at Hoffman Estates High School. This is an annual event held for the school’s fashion departments and Tricoci students were honored to be involved in this fun, creative day. Instructor Sharon Reitinger describes the day…

Our Glendale Heights TUBC artists step out of the classroom, and into Hoffman Estates High School. We are immediately greeted by the students and staff, who are clearly eager to see what we can bring to the table. We begin by setting up our stations and preparing for the innevitable onslaught of 30-45 possible students desiring our services. Erica, Jasmina and Sedef get to work setting up makeup stations with our Krylon and color lab makeup. Shortly after, the fury begins as students come in to be transformed.

But we’re prepared. Erica’s nimble fingers are in high demand creating stunning braids that even the great Sam Villa would be proud of. Mari has an adventurous student who is up for bold and beautiful texture waves. Lupe and Alex C. are excited to showcase their talents, but realize with the added humidity we will need extra product (oh thank goodness for Redken Control addict 28)! Kristina is all-in with a “big hair, don’t care” mentality. Raul, Lindsay, Alyssa and Amanda work the curls, all while Melanie’s eye for the details helps finishing touches pop. There really is no team quite like Tricoci.

Seeing the Hoffman Estates students in awe of their transformations was priceless – and exactly why we love visiting them each year. We can’t wait to see them again soon!

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