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Rockford Prom Fashion Show

April 11th, 2013

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Guest post by Kara Zerga, TUBC student at our Rockford campus.

Prom is the most exciting time for any high school student. It’s their moment to shine! This is why I chose to be a stylist for our Prom fashion show event. The school selected six teen beautiful young ladies that were enrolled in high school to be our models. The school had dresses donated by a boutique in town called “That Boutique.”

There were a variety of dresses, different shapes and styles. There was a pink sweetheart shaped gown with beautiful sequences and a beautiful princess puffed bottom that would definitely make any girl feel like a princess. There was also a purple figure fitting shaped, sleek gown with glitter and rhinestones down the side with a thigh high slit and it had a gorgeous, very smoothing train on the bottom. My favorite dress was the one my model was wearing. It was a baby blue and white sweetheart shaped top with rhinestones and sequences, with a fluffy, Latina flare skirt that touched the floor.

The morning of the show while everyone was working, it was crazy! There were beautiful up dos with big curls, braids, and French twists. There were bobby pins everywhere, hairspray in the air, and curling irons all over the place. Everyone was working incredibly hard on everything. There were ladies doing nails, while others were doing their makeup. Everyone really put their creativity to the test.

We all transferred to the hotel where the event was being held. When we arrived, we all helped the ladies get into their gowns and double checked their hair and makeup to be sure everything was absolutely perfect to rip the runway. We all waited patiently sitting in the first two rows and as our models walked down the runway, the stylist stood up to show off their work. There were four very handsome gentlemen escorting them up and down the runway. They were all dressed up in great suits. Each one of the models walked down the runway with smiles and twinkle in their eyes. Everyone look magnificently gorgeous!

Overall, my experience that day was great! I really enjoyed myself and learned a little something about myself. Seeing everyone work as hard as they did really made me proud to have everyone of those ladies my fellow students. Everyone is truly there for you when you really need them the most. You become a part of one big family once you step your foot into that door whether you know it or not. Everyone really enjoys helping each other and you never hear them complain. I’ve never been somewhere where you can truly see that they all really have a passion for what they do.

The teacher and staff are a huge inspiration to the students in the school. They all love what they do and teach us that can too. They always encourage me and motivate me to do better and really help you along your path to graduation. The staff show they truly care and you don’t see that everywhere you go nowadays. I am proud to say that I am a student of Tricoci University of Beauty Culture.

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