Semou Soumare

Semou Soumare, Master Educator

July 7th, 2017

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Meet Semou Soumare, Master Educator and Teacher Trainer

Ms. Semou Soumare’s love for beauty and hairstyling started at the tender age of nine. As a young girl, she loved to experiment with her own hair and created new looks often. She was eager to stretch her creative talents by styling her sister, mother, family, friends and neighbors as she grew up.

In 1994, at the age of 24, Semou followed her sister and immigrated to the United States with her own young family in tow. She immediately went to work in her sister’s braiding salon and even stepped up to manage the shop alone when her sister required a leave of absence. The experience left her hungry to learn more, expand her skills, and become a licensed professional.

After moving to a new state in 1998, Indiana, she began training for a career in a different industry and quickly realized her mistake. Semou belonged in beauty industry–it was her passion. She left the technical school and enrolled in a prestigious beauty college to perfect her haircutting techniques and advance her customer service skills (a college that would later become Tricoci University of Beauty Culture).

She went on to have a large client following at several different salons before realizing something was still missing. Ultimately, she returned to school to earn an instructor’s license so she could give back to the industry and teach the next generation of beauty professionals; something that has become an even greater passion of hers today.

In her time with Tricoci University of Beauty Culture, Semou has continued to grow and develop her talents. She has become a mentor and coach to fellow instructors and has helped many students launch successful careers in the industry. Currently, she is teaching future educators the best ways to teach others.

As a testament to Semou’s expertise in the field, “Sophisticated Black Hair Magazine” has sought out her advice regarding natural hair care topics and techniques on more than one occasion.

In her own words, Semou says, “My goal is to continue coaching tomorrow’s educators to their fullest potential, and I look forward to continuing to do that at Tricoci University of Beauty Culture.”

At this time, Semou is a Master Educator of Cosmetology and a Teacher Trainer at the Indianapolis Campus. She is fluent in three languages; French, Wolof African, and English.

Always the student, she has also decided to return to school to train for an Esthetics license.

Learn more about Semou and Tricoci University of Beauty Culture by visiting our campus. To set up an appointment, please call 317.841.9400.

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