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Strobing, the New Contour

June 16th, 2016

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Take Strobing to the Next Level

By Samantha Parker, Master Educator Cosmetology, Esthetics Educator, and CEC Design Team Member

Strobing is still a hot trend for summer. Forget all you know about contouring for a second and focus on the highlight. Strobing is accentuating the facial features using highlighter and a lot of it. Whether you’re looking for a natural glow or something more dramatic, then highlight away. Here at Tricoci University have a couple of products available to achieve this beautiful strobe affect. You can get custom blended makeup with Color Lab or you can purchase Kryolan makeup. The Kryolan makeup we have in the ultra foundation palette has multiple colors to choose from. There’s also a concealer wheel that you can use as well. The Color Lab makeup we offer is custom blended foundation, liquid and powder, powder blushes, bronzers, highlighters, lipsticks, lip glosses and many more formulations.

The great thing about Color Lab is that it’s mixed specifically for you, the student, or guest. So if there is a color that you are thinking of we can make it. It will be specifically matched to you and only you. You can use powder or cream to achieve this, here are some ways.

  1. Use an enriched formula foundation from Color Lab with pearl added for luminosity to add a dewy appearance. You want a light foundation, not heavy or matte. That way you get the dewy, glistening look. You can also use a tinted, shimmery moisturizer too that’s great for the summer heat.
  2. Then you can use a highlighting powder, like a custom blended formula and adding shimmer to it. Try Laser Light, a universal highlighter, that can be custom made for you or the guest. Apply to the areas of the face you wan to enhance, forehead, cheekbone, bow of lips, and tip of chin. Lightly brush onto these areas or use more for the more dramatic look.
  3. Another way you can create the strobing effect is by using Kryolan’s ultra foundation in a color that matches your skin tone. It’s a light foundation that isn’t heavy or too matte. Just know that this foundation typically needs to be powdered down. So you’ll use a shimmery highlight powder or translucent powder over it.
  4. Again applying the powder on the areas of the face you want to enhance. Forehead, cheekbones, bow of lip and chin. Apply as much as you want for the look you’re going for. For a dewy look a light dusting of shimmery powder. For a more dramatic shimmer, apply more.

You can be as creative as you want with this look. From just a shimmer to a glittery glow. This is a great look for the summer and also not as complicated as the contour trend. This look also has less steps and an easier application. Also, don’t forget to play! You can’t go wrong. I have tried many combinations with many different makeup lines and with the right technique they all look beautiful.

In the end I’m bias, I love the Laser Light from Color Lab. It’s the best highlighter. So shimmery and so light. But you be the judge.

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