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October 26th, 2012

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Guest blog post by TUBC student, Jessica Fountain, Peoria Campus.

Fusion hair extensions are attached to your hair undergoing a process called “fusion bonding.” Fusion Bonding is a heated adhesive stick and bonding glue attached to the roots of your natural hair. Fusion hair extensions usually last around 6 months and should be applied and removed by a professional with a hot fusion tool.

Pre-tipped fusion extensions can be found in in most beauty supply stores and are available in two different styles. “U” tips, where the end of the extensions has a U shaped glue piece (typically used for thicker hair) and “I” tips which has less glue on the ends (for thinner hair types).

There were many questions about the feel and durability of the extensions, and what the extensions would look like after they had been applied in someone’s hair. So, on October 11th, Ms. Diane hosted a Fall Fashion Demo where Ms. Toni graciously allowed Peoria TUBC students to demo the fusion bonding process in her own hair! Ms. Diane explained and demonstrated how the fusion extensions were bonded to natural hair, the process it takes to attach them, the advantages of fusion extensions, and the best way to remove the extensions after they have grown out.

We each had a chance to bond an extension in Ms. Toni’s hair to get a feel for the application and the hot fusion tool being used in the bonding process. We found that rolling the glue adhesive after being heated created a sleeker look around the hair strands and that you only need about ten to fifteen strands of natural hair to bond the extensions efficiently. The end result was FABULOUS! Thanks Ms. Toni and Ms. Diane for a wonderful Fall Fashion Demo!

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