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Tricoci Receives Cosmetologists Chicago’s Student of the Month

January 22nd, 2016

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By Andrew Dalton, cosmetology student at Tricoci University’s Chicago NE campus

Congrats Tiffany Palmer!

This morning I had the profound pleasure of witnessing the well-deserved recognition of a fellow students’ hard work; Ms. Tiffany Palmer, of the Northeastern campus of the Tricoci University of Beauty Culture, was recognized as Cosmetologists Chicago’s Student of the Month.

Having personally observed the amount of time, effort, and raw talent that Tiffany gives to her clients and fellow students on a daily basis, I can say with total honesty that there is no person more deserving of this distinction.

I will admit, there was a certain amount of serendipity to the entire situation. You don’t go to class one morning expecting to witness one of your classmates being honored by an organization like Cosmetologists Chicago. While we tell each other all the time how well we think our peers are doing, Oohing and Aahing over a well-executed cut or color or style, that’s from within our family. We, as a campus and as cosmetologists, are SUPPOSED to uplift each other. You don’t expect someone outside of your family to come in and tell you that one of “Your” best, is also one of “Their” best. It is a surprising, humbling, and altogether wonderful feeling of accomplishment. It is an affirmation that we, as a family, and Tiffany Palmer, in particular, are doing something right.

Congratulations Tiffany on becoming Cosmetologists Chicago’s Student of the Month, you deserve it!!!

Cosmetology Chicago's student of the month

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