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What Will You Learn in an Illinois Cosmetology School?

November 21st, 2020

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As an Illinois cosmetology school student, you’ll learn all sorts of things. There are many skills you’ll learn in cosmetology school; after all, that’s why you signed up, isn’t it? However, Illinois specifically may have some additional information to give you about cosmetology. When you attend a cosmetology school in Illinois, here’s what you can expect to learn.

General Information About Cosmetology

First and foremost, there are some elements of cosmetology training that are generally the same no matter where you attend cosmetology school. These pieces of the cosmetology field typically overlap at least somewhat, no matter where you currently live or where you’re hoping to practice as a cosmetologist.

For example, this may include information like face shapes, the actual ins and outs of cutting and styling hair, and color theory. These are all pieces of information that won’t change no matter where you go. Whether you learn them in Illinois, in some other state, or even in another country, chances are you’ll get the same information.

Illinois Licensure Requirements

There are very specific licensure requirements in Illinois. If you’re going to become a licensed cosmetologist in Illinois, you’ll need to meet those licensure requirements. For example, those requirements may include a certain amount of hands-on experience and a certain number of classroom hours.

Any cosmetology school that can help you toward your licensure test will be able to teach you these things. Some cosmetology schools may even be able to help you set up practice tests and give you access to practice materials, which can make it easier for you to pass that licensure test once it eventually comes.

Illinois Styles and Trends

Certain styles and trends may be more common in some areas of the country than others. Many cosmetology schools keep an eye on local styles and trends. This can make it easier for you to get a handle on what’s popular in the area long before you even get out on your own and start recommending these cuts and styles to customers.

These styles and trends, of course, are always on the move. Once you’ve graduated, chances are you’ll only be able to use those styles for a few years or even a few months before the Illinois area has moved on along with the rest of the world. However, it can help you hone your knowledge of picking up on styles and trends.

Connections to Local Illinois Cosmetology Legends

Illinois has a booming cosmetology scene, especially in Chicago. That means there are plenty of local cosmetology legends who have made a name for themselves both inside and outside the state. If you can make connections with some of these local cosmetology legends, it may be easier to get a job once you graduate.

In the local Illinois cosmetology scene, there are plenty of legends that you may be able to talk to and learn from during your time at Tricoci University of Beauty Culture. When you schedule a tour at your local Tricoci University campus, you’ll be able to ask questions about what extracurricular activities you may be able to take part in.


Illinois cosmetology courses are going to be slightly different than elsewhere. Of course, an Illinois cosmetology course will do its best to teach you the things you need to know for cosmetology success no matter where you live. However, it may also give you Illinois-specific information to set you up for success. Whether you’re looking at Tricoci University or you’re still undecided, looking at the actual information you’ll learn is something that can be extremely beneficial to making your choice.

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