The Quality Esthetician School in Highland, Indiana that Opens New Doors

The beauty field is a vast playground full of diverse care. Estheticians have no specific focus but rather dabble in a wide array of beauty treatments. From skincare to makeup application, you can bet that estheticians have seen and done it all.

Tricoci University of Beauty Culture is a high-quality esthetics school in Highland that will give a boost to your esthetician career. Learn more about what the Tricoci University Highland esthetics program can do for your future!

Careers in Esthetics

An esthetics college will broaden your career horizons more than ever before. Esthetics does not consist of a single practice, so you can branch out to an esthetic job that best relates to your beauty style.

Tricoci University’s esthetics program in Highland will help you dive into whatever field of study that interests you the most. Some of the careers a good esthetic education can give you include:

  • Facialist
  • Electrologist
  • Waxing Specialist
  • Body Treatment Specialist
  • Medi-Spa Esthetician
  • Makeup Artist
  • Bridal Makeup Specialist
  • Permanent Makeup Applicator

Find the career of your dreams with the Highland Tricoci University esthetics program! Our knowledgeable Tricoci University team members can walk you through everything you need to know to become successful in the esthetician field!

Schedules That Work for You

Colleges and universities tend to set rigid curriculum schedules you need to adhere to if you want to pass. The esthetics curriculum at Tricoci University, on the other hand, is much more lenient. Beauty professionals all across the country utilize flexible scheduling to their advantage, and Tricoci University is no different.

You can take our 750-hour esthetician program at your own pace. Whether you dive right in full time, for six months, or spread the courses out part time, over nine months, Tricoci University lets you set your own learning schedule. We offer a great selection of morning, afternoon and evening classes that best fit in with your day-to-day routine.

Beauty professionals often work with a hugely varied schedule every day, whether they are self-employed workers or work with a salon or agency. By learning to manage time and balance your esthetics courses and daily life, you will have a valuable advantage in the professional world!

Financial Aid for a More Accessible Education

You don’t have to break the bank to receive a high-quality esthetics program. Here at Tricoci University, we offer our students plenty of financial help so you can feel free to follow your passions.

We are accredited by NACCAS (National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences), allowing us to offer federal financial aid for your Tricoci University schooling. Applying for federal grants comes with certain financial requirements that not all our students will qualify for.

We also offer a wide variety of esthetician school scholarships for you to apply for! These scholarships may rely on your location, your intended job post-graduation, and even your academic achievements and background for simple financial aid. Pricey tuition shouldn’t have to be in the way of building an esthetician career you’ll love.

Tricoci University can bridge the remaining gap in tuition with an interest-free monthly payment plan that works best for your budget. Instead of dipping into student loans with impossibly high interest rates, you will be able to pay equal installments all throughout the enrollment period. Talk to a Tricoci University team member for more about how to apply for financial aid!

Frequently Asked Questions about Our Esthetician Program

    • Why Choose to Be an Esthetician?

Estheticians provide beauty services that most people simply do not have the time nor the right know-how to do themselves. Beauty requires a uniquely human touch, so you can bet that this job market is always flourishing.

    • How Much Does It Cost to Attend Tricoci University’s Esthetics Institute Near Me?

Our esthetics program will vary depending on several factors. Oftentimes, your location, current living costs, grant qualifications, and other important factors all affect the overall cost of tuition. Fortunately, we offer a Tricoci University Highland esthetics price calculator to help you get a better idea of how much you will pay for our esthetics courses.

    • When Can I Start Attending Tricoci University?

Traditional colleges tend to start classes in the fall and spring semesters. Tricoci University, on the other hand, starts a new group every six weeks! Contact our team members to find out when the next round of esthetician courses starts!

Become a Highland Esthetician Today!

Highland could always use more high-class beauty professionals, and Tricoci University is just the place to learn how to become one! We are of the highest-quality esthetics schools in Highland, Indiana, and surrounding areas.

Get started with the admissions process by consulting one of our Tricoci University team members today!