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Guide to
Choosing an Esthetics Program


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    Are you considering a career in the beauty industry?

    Attending an esthetics program can prepare you for a wide range of jobs in skin care, makeup, beauty and spa services. You’ll learn the important skills on how to provide treatments, and the best way to launch your career. Your esthetics program is also an important step toward getting an esthetician license from your state.

    In the coming years, jobs in the beauty industry are expected to grow because more people are interested in professional grooming services and improving their appearance.

    Choosing the right esthetics program can help you achieve a thriving new career. This guide can help you learn how to evaluate esthetics programs to make a good decision.

    Using this Guide to Choose a Great Esthetics Program

    It isn’t easy to compare esthetics programs, and there are many factors to consider. You’ll need to look at the class offerings, school reputation, affordability, career readiness and more.

    For example, one important factor that affects the quality of your education is the hands-on experience. In addition to practicing your skills on mannequins, some programs have an on-site salon. This is a valuable chance to work with real clients while still under the supervision of instructors.

    By choosing an esthetics program that has a student-run clinic, you’ll have the opportunity to improve your skills, grow your confidence, and build your resume.

    There are many other important factors you should consider when you’re deciding to attend esthetics school, and this downloadable guide covered these eight categories:

    • Esthetics Skills: Do you know the important skills that should be included in your skin care and makeup training? You can maximize your job options by looking for programs that prepare you for the top five esthetics careers.
    • Length of Program: Do you know how long it will take to graduate from an esthetics program in your state? This guide looks at the requirements for an esthetics license and program lengths for both full-time and part-time students.
    • Hands-On Esthetics Experience: Some schools offer hands-on training opportunities to help you grow your skills and prepare for an esthetics career. Find out how you can evaluate the training programs so that you’ll be best prepared for your career.
    • Cost and Value of Training: The cost to attend an esthetics program can be confusing. Learn how to calculate the true cost of attendance including tuition costs, financial aid and scholarships.
    • Visiting a Beauty School: Find out what to look for when touring the school’s campus, including what questions to ask and how to figure out if it’s the right program for you.
    • Esthetics School Credentials: Evaluating the credentials of an esthetics school can help you understand if the program is aligned with industry standards and esthetician practices. If the school is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, you could also qualify for additional financial aid or grants.
    • Prior Student Success: Looking at the careers of the school’s alumni can tell you about the possible careers you could have. Find out how you can use alumni information to understand the type of education the program offers.
    • Next Steps to Prepare for Esthetics Training: If you still have questions, learn about the resources that are available to help. Depending on your questions, you can get help from guidance counselors, financial aid officers, or other industry professionals.

    Get the In-Depth Guide on How to Choose an Esthetics Program

    It’s never been easier to choose the best beauty school that prepares you for the career you want.

    This Guide to Choosing an Esthetics Program takes an in-depth look at how to evaluate your options. There are checklists of questions you can ask, explanations of why certain criteria are important to your education, and instructions on how to compare programs.

    Learn the Essential Steps of Choosing an Esthetics Program

    For another resource, this infographic covers the essentials of how to choose an esthetics program. There’s a clear overview that helps future beauty professionals explore questions and considerations.

    This shareable graphic can be used by high school teachers, guidance counselors, and placement services. The information helps prospects understand what to consider prior to attending an accredited esthetics school and how to make smart decisions about the future. It’s easy to add the information to a blog post, website, social media or anywhere where it can help prospective students.