Sheriann Walker, Tricoci student

A Review of Tricoci University

February 4th, 2015

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Video by Sheriann Gray (aka Christian Paste)

The thing that I love about Tricoci University of Beauty Culture is that it has a very professional atmosphere. It’s a mixed crowd and very diverse school, and it’s somewhere that you can grow if you’re really looking to be a cosmetologist.

So I will say that beginning school – I had no idea. The stuff that I thought I knew from doing hair outside and in my kitchen, was nothing compared to what I learned at Tricoci University. Actually going there has made me realize what I want to specialize in when it comes to hair. Now, I do want to do everything…cuts, color, ethnic hair, fine hair, natural hair – I want to do everything, but going to Tricoci University helped me realize that I want to specialize in hair care.

The curriculum…is not easy. It’s very hard but it’s challenging. It’s something that you need to know. You need to know what you’re doing when you’re out in the field and I’m feeling very confident. Being here for this past year really helped me understand a whole lot of stuff differently. Even with hair and how it grows, and where it grows, and the stages of growth.

I learned so much being here. I have the most amazing instructors. I met a lot of talented people that are important to me personally as well as professionally.

There were a few things in this school that were my absolute favorite things. They have attendance, and if your attendance is 85% and above you get to be on the squads – and there were two squads that were my favorite. The TLC Program, which was a cancer agency where we did hair, nails, and makeup for cancer patients – and these patients were from children to old men. It was just a beautiful thing to go and see these people that are sick and pouring into them, and they’re telling you their story and talking to you about their lives. And it’s sad because these people are dying, but we’re giving something back to them. And that’s something that I love that we did that was one of my favorite things.

Another thing that was done was a group called the Style Squad and I think I’m going to miss that the most because that’s where I got the most of my networking. That’s where I to see my first fashion show. We did Midwest Fashion Week where I was featured on a local TV show here in Indianapolis, Indiana where I presented hair and makeup for a local fashion designer, Berny Martin. And it was so exciting to me, and just a blessing to even be a part of something like that.

– Sheriann Gray


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