Style Squad

Style Squad logoTricoci University’s Style Squad is a team that is designed to show off our top students’ creative talents. Students that are willing to hard work, earn high grades and maintain a high attendance percentage are invited to apply to their campus’s Style Squad.

Each local Style Squad is charged with seeking out opportunities that they can attend to act as platform artists. The team offers great opportunities for students to show off what they have learned at Tricoci University and network with industry professionals from the surrounding communities.

Typical events for Tricoci University Style Squads include themed beauty shows and live demonstrations at the campus, high school assemblies, local college fashion shows, and other community events such as Concerts, Festivals, and Celebrations.

Tricoci University’s Style Squads have also supported international fashion shows and events—including Chicago International Salsa Congress, Latino Fashion Week in Chicago and Midwest Fashion Week in Indianapolis, just to name a few.

Requirements for Style Squad:

  • Represent the TUBC culture and values
  • Acts with a high level of professionalism
  • Strong technical and creative skills
  • Dependable and willing to attend internal and external events
  • Maintain a higher than average GPA
  • Maintain a higher than average attendance percentage
  • Willingness to contribute and help fellow team members

From classic beauty creations to editorial and haute-couture looks, Tricoci University’s Style Squads are known to pull out all the stops to help elevate any event.