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A Tricoci Winter Wonderland

December 28th, 2012

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Guest blog post by Shelby Woods, TUBC student at our Rockford Campus.

The Rockford Tricoci University’s campus was under a severe frost and beauty advisory as students and faculty prepared for the night’s demo for prospective students. Snowflakes were handmade and hung throughout the school, shimmering frost illuminated the floor, and cookies that would make Santa envious were laid out for guests (as well as other delicious food). Students worked cheerfully and passionately on their models to prepare for the night’s show. It might have been a “cold” theme, but warmth and joy embraced the school that night.

The preparation began with Ms. Angela setting up the food and beverages for students and prospective students, not to mention the fabulous gift bags they would receive as they left. Areas were cleared to prepare for the teacher’s Demos which would include Creative Cuts by Ms. Angela, Creative color by Ms. Michele and Braiding by Skye. The exceptionally cool and talented stylists for the night’s fashion show were Hayley, Giavanna, Megan, Leandra, and Jessica O. Their chillingly beautiful models were Sierra, Angelica, Mariah, Andrea, and Chelsea. When the stylists finished their winter-ful work, the models proceeded to put on their incredible dresses from That Boutique in Edgebrook.

Winter hair and makeup

The time had come to open the doors. TUBC quickly filled as everyone enjoyed the décor and food. It was a full-house at Tricoci as the prospects got to meet and talk to Ms. Kristen in the theory room. Following Ms. Kristen’s introduction, Chantel presented the models and stylists. Each model walked among the prospects while Chantel discussed their elegant and beautiful dresses. The Stylists followed, discussing how they achieved the look for their model and a little information about themselves. After their display, the perspective students were asked to vote on which style they liked most. After the votes were counted, the winner was announced. Congrats to Haley, Giavanna and Angelica for taking home the prize. All of the stylists and models did a fabulous job; the talent of the Tricoci University students never ceases to amaze me.

Following the night’s fashion show, the prospects divided into groups and enjoyed a tour of the school. All in all, the winter wonderland demo fashion show was a huge success. Thank you to everyone who made it possible and to those who participated. I hope to see all the prospects in TUBC aprons someday!

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