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New look, New You

January 1st, 2013

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Guest post by Angelica Andrianopoulos, TUBC student, Rockford Campus.

Hello, my name is Angelica and I’ve been attending Tricoci University since February of 2012. My passion for this industry lies in hairstyling and cutting techniques. In January of 2013, we held a creative demonstration competition at the Rockford Campus. The theme was “New Look, New You.” The students and staff were determined to provide us with everything we needed to accomplish our desired look. The educators go out of their way to not only help you but to ensure that you are having fun along the way.

The look that I was executing was a graduated bob hairstyle with many purple peek- a -boo’s throughout. My look stole second place next to Candy Benson who won first place. She was rewarded “Queen for one Day” and also rewarded 100 leap points. Leap points are a system we use here to reward students for good behavior or attendance or competitions like this one. We provided before and after pictures for each students makeover. The audience was blown away by the degree of high fashion that was executed. A few examples of what we had were razor cuts, highlights, lowlights, victory rolls, finger waves, and asymmetrical cuts.

Not only do cosmetologists compete but the esthetics department gets to compete as well. The estheticians do an exquisite job with their preciseness of makeup application. And the students new to the campus who received the makeover were excited and baffled at the amount of skill and confidence that comes with your experience here at Tricoci University. The creative demonstration is really a great opportunity for you to take time and show everyone any exotic new looks that you may have. Not to mention they always provide food and refreshments for all of your hard work!

In the end, it’s such a satisfying feeling to create and perfect something so beautifully. The educators will provide guidance with everything that you need for a successful future. There is so much that is offered at this campus that is not offered anywhere else. Support and positivity is a MUST in this school. I am graduating now in a week and when I first arrived here I thought that I could never do hair the way other cosmetologists do. I wasn’t sure that this industry was right for me. But through a lot of perseverance and determination, if you have a vision, no one can stop you from bringing it to life except yourself!

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