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When Mario Visits

January 9th, 2013

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Guest post by TUBC student, Benish Naz.

On Tuesday, December 4th the Glendale Heights Campus was greeted with a much-anticipated guest speaker. Mr. Mario Tricoci himself! Our Theory Room was silent as Mr. Tricoci walked through the door in stylish fashion with his Albert Einstein tee shirt and baby blue scarf. He began by introducing himself or re-introducing himself to the audience of Cosmetology and Esthetic students, encouraging us all to do the same with every guest we come in contact with in our careers. “A firm handshake & eye contact is very important!” he said. He explained to us that we must like working with people to be in this industry and what better way to show that we do than a warm greeting and by introducing yourself properly.

Mr. Tricoci demonstrated a creative way to cut a long layer hair cut by bringing the rounds of the hair forward and point cutting in a u shaped pattern. He then had assistants color his fresh haircut with a distinct pattern of three different shades to add dimension to his models look with an ombre technique. As the color processed on this model he spoke to us about the Tricoci Salon experience & what it would take to work in one of his salons. Model Maritza Lara was chosen to assist with a creative updo as he explained to us that most of his stylist started as assistants in his salons and then became stylist. Having an assistant position will give us that hands-on experience we will need to work our way to the top. He reminded us to love what we do and think long term goals because liking what we do shows in our work & it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to get to the top.

As he wrapped up his demonstrations prospective students were also in the building taking a tour and watching other demonstrations given by Ms. Denise and Ms. Laura who was showing the students a creative updo & makeup lessons. They too also had a chance to meet Mr. Tricoci and discuss the benefits of joining our school. It was quite an eventful day at the Glendale Heights Campus and we all were very pleased and honored to have Mr. Tricoci as a guest speaker.

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