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The Honor of Instructor Training

January 15th, 2013

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Guest blog from one of our Teacher Trainees at the Harlem Campus, Christina Scalise

I am currently about half way through the Cosmetology Instructor Training Program at Tricoci University and am really enjoying this experience first and foremost because of the challenge it has given me. Being a stylist for almost 5 years now I’ve become very comfortable in my surroundings and felt it was time for a change. Not only did I want to challenge myself to learn more but I wanted to be a part of the learning process. Ever since I graduated from TU, I’ve strived to make myself a better stylist by gaining as much knowledge as I could and to share that knowledge with others. When it came to deciding where my career would take me next, I felt that the Instructor Training Program at Tricoci University was the right decision for me so I could continue to educate myself as well as having the honor of educating others. When I was attending TU I was given such an amazing education and now I can hopefully be a part of that process in helping our future cosmetologists receive a great education like I did.

When beginning the program, I did not realize how much information I would be learning so quickly.  It has been an amazing feeling being able to soak up so much knowledge.  I’ve always felt that the more one can learn in their industry, the better asset they are. The TTP does exactly that. They educate and prepare you thoroughly so that by the end of the program you can graduate and jump right into teaching. It has made me become more comfortable in my own skin, and has also given me the courage to be able to stand up in front of students and educate them,  no longer as a fellow student but as a teacher,  because I now have the knowledge to do so.

I look forward to the next few months of the Cosmetology Instructor Training Program, and cannot wait to be able to jump right in.

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