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When Others Give Up

June 5th, 2013

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Guest post by TUBC Rockford student, Anthony Murphy

There is so much to say about my Tricoci University experience that it is hard to pick where to start. I started beauty school at Tricoci in October 2011; I was a single male with no prior hair experience. Nervous and excited my first day was like Christmas opening our kits and taking inventory. Then the challenge arrived with our first cut and I was still sectioning hair while others were finishing up.

I was humbled because doing hair was not so easy. But I was not going to be stopped there. So I took my mannequin home and would practice late at night and sometimes into the morning to get better. But still I was having trouble compared to some of the other beauty school students. I thought maybe it’s because they are girls so they are used to doing girls hair that they are better. Then I saw our Tricoci University video with Mr. Tricoci and his right-hand man cutting. From there I was determined. I pictured myself being like them one-day sectioning cutting and styling with ease.

So I came to beauty school I learned, and patiently waited because I had faith that if I stuck to it would click. Essentials ended and we got on the floor but lost our teacher and 4 of our students. Some of them decided hair wasn’t for them and gave up which is understandable. So there I was on the floor nervous still waiting for the light bulb to click but now without a teacher, but I still came.

I went to school and took clients I didn’t think I was ready for, feeling like a foster child without a consistent teacher. More students dropped and our class was down to only 4. Then I was given a little bit of grace I still didn’t feel like a pro at hair but I had something most other students couldn’t grasp quickly. I could sell retail, talk to clients make them feel beautiful. It was enough to keep hope, so I continued coming to school and waiting to have the skill to really make them look beautiful not just feel it.

Time went on and school had so many fun activities to partake in from hair demos, beauty shows, even runs to support local charities. I took part in all the activities I was available for making the most out of my TUBC experience I took lots of clients had lots of teachers, made friends, sold retail, got engaged to my fiancé (she is in my class but that’s a whole other story) and finally! I may be a couple weeks from graduating my class of 12 is 3 (1 graduated already so 2) but finally! it clicked. It clicked and it is so much fun. I am glad I persevered.

I know that I learned can do something now that I once couldn’t, and this is empowering. I am going to continue to grow until I reach my goal of being a successful stylist like Mr. Mario Tricoci and other top male stylists. I know the road seems difficult but from what I have learned at TUBC and witnessed I know it’s possible. So again I will patiently work and wait without being deterred or discouraged using my passion to reach the top. The most important thing I learned is to keep trying I must thank all the teachers I have and lost before I leave but I think the best thank you I can imagine will be to succeed.

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