Hair model at Proud Lady Beauty Show

Proud Lady Beauty Show

May 30th, 2013

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Guest post by Rahresha Thomas, TUBC student at our CNW campus.

The weekend of April 21st I attended The 2013 Proud Lady Beauty Show located at the Tinley Park Convention center. The show was action packed from beginning to end. You were able to go and learn the latest trends in Natural hair, Weaves, Haircutting, and Color. There were over 7 hair competitions, a comedy show, Celebrity Stylist, and the opportunity to collect 14 hours of continuing education classes.

There were so many distributors there, which was my favorite part. As I went to visit each booth, all the distributors started raving about their products and how it’s better for “this” and safer than “that”, which made me appreciate my teachers at TUBC for embedding into me how important product knowledge is. I believe the Proud Lady Beauty Show shed a different light when it comes to “Black Hair Care.” There are so many products for relaxed hair, natural hair, transitioning hair, edges, weaves, deep conditioners, co-washing, etc.

While observing all the hair madness around me, there were also mini hair demos around the venue. Everything from barbering, updos, weave installations, haircuts, and fashion shows. Overall the experience was phenomenal and I recommend everyone who is in the beauty industry to attend. I had a great time and it was very informative for me as a graduating student because I’ll soon be handling client consultations on my own. I cannot wait for The 2014 Proud Lady Beauty Show.

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