The Tricoci University Expirience

May 29th, 2013

Beauty Blog

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Guest blog post by Candy A. Benson, TUBC Student at our Rockford Campus. 

The Tricoci University experience has definitely been an amazing experience. This school has done so much for me; I can’t imagine life without it. The people here are so caring and very entertaining; they’re my long lost family. Every day I look forward to coming here and doing what we do best.

Before I came to Tricoci, I wanted to be a stylist. But I also had experience with acrylics and make up. I soon found my passion. I decided to go natural July 2012. Since I’ve been natural, I learned the art of my own hair type. You can wear your hair anyway you please, there’s just a way of maintaining healthy hair. It’s been nine months and I have retained 6 ½ inches of hair. My hair has never grown past my shoulders in my 21 years of living.

I believe this knowledge is lacking in our industry. I feel this way because I’ve been going to salons to get my hair done since I was 9 years old. And I was unaware of how to properly take care of my hair until now. But why? There are too many hairdressers and not enough cosmetologists.

Tricoci has also taught me that many people enter this industry for the money, not the importance of maintaining healthy hair, skin and nails. This is where is sought out to be different. I didn’t want to become the “stylist” that just gives you what you want; I wanted my clients to understand why I would refuse to give them a service. I’ve found a way to turn natural kinky hair, into what looks like relaxed hair, using no chemicals, no salts, no alcohol, no grease and no oil sheen.

My goal is to start a product line. But again, I do things differently. I want to sell a hair regimen that is guaranteed to grow your hair and keep it healthy no matter how you wear it. And no matter your hair type. I think the world has become too dependent on chemicals and technology and forget about the resources God gave us to survive.

People don’t realize the harm we’re doing to ourselves by using everyday products. Those chemicals get into our bodies and over time cause cancer, heart attack and other health problems. I am also working on my BSN, so I know the stress we put in and on our bodies. People use 10+ products a day, that are full of harsh chemicals, listed on the label, yet we still use them, even processed foods.

Pick two products that you use daily and research the ingredients. See if the two can interact with each other, with your medications, or your body in general. The same concept should be used when you are a cosmetologist. Why use five products on a client that is going to cause harm to them? To yourself? Many have told me I’m over thinking things but in time, they’ll understand what I mean.

I want to thank every Tricoci University staff member on the planet for being a part of the Tricoci family, this is an amazing company and I am so thankful for the opportunity. Mario, you told me I wouldn’t be a good fit for your company, because I couldn’t do everything and be good at it but I challenge that. I just need a chance to show you my work and I think you’ll love me. I personally thank you for opening doors for me and your school for that matter. Being here helped me find myself and in doing that, I am doing everything I want to do and I am darn good at it. Thank you again to the Rockford campus for your support and giving me a chance, I love you all and I will never forget you.

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