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April 28th, 2014

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This is a guest post by Tameka Jordan, a student at our Glendale Heights campus.

Glendale Heights had the opportunity to have a stylist and aesthetician from Asha salon spa demonstrate a day make up application. Asha salon spa is an Aveda salon and exclusively carries Aveda products. The Aveda product line is certified organic and is only available in Aveda salons or online. Asha salon spas are located on: the streets of Woodfield, Rockford Mall, Shops of Butterfield, Downtown Evanston, Gold Coast Chicago, Bucktown Chicago, James Hotel Chicago, Hotel Felix Chicago, Renaissance Hotel Schaumburg and Hotel Orrington Evanston. The many locations allow Asha salon spa to reach the masses and employ many positions. The assistant training program is about nine months to a year for hair stylists and about three weeks to a month for aesthetic training.

The demonstration started first by hydrating the clients face and lips which is important before starting make up application. Then the next step were the brows, begin by brushing upward and outward. Begin to fill in brow by using a matte colored pencil take small strokes to make brow look natural. After both brows are penciled brush brow up and outward again to soften pencil strokes, and finally set brow with powder. A trick to filling in brows that have a scar use pencil strokes in opposite direction of the scar for pencil to adhere to the brow bone. Next step is eye shadow, if eyes are receding then expand shadow beyond eye lid. When applying shadows always pat shadow upward and outward never rub. Have your guest look in opposite direction your applying shadow to avoid shadow in their eye.

A trick we learned to blend two colors into a smoky eye is to blend crease color upward blended to highlight under brow bone. To apply liner on lower lid have guest look upward and pull taught their skin. Take little swiping motions. Moving on to applying foundation and contouring the face. To match the perfect foundation apply three different colors to clients jaw line trying to blend color into neck. The color that blends the best from jaw line to the clients neck will be the foundation. Start by applying foundation center then stroking color outward to avoid a line of demarcation. After foundation is applied use counselor for more coverage. To achieve this look use opposite color on color wheel to conceal purples, blues, greens, and red undertones. After concealing and foundation is applied set with setting powder. To begin face contouring highlight under brow bone, cupids bow, above cheek bone, and center of forehead and blend into skin. To create shadows blend darker color at jaw line, around hairline, and under cheekbone. To finish the look apply blush by using a guideline starting at temple connecting to outer counter of lip. Last step is to apply false lash to upper lid then the look is complete.


This make up demonstration was extremely informative and inspiring student to look further into a career with Asha salon spa. By following this guideline you can create the perfect perky cheek bones!

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