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TUBC: One Big Family

April 25th, 2014

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This is a guest post by Briana Artz, a student at our Rockford campus.

My experience at TUBC has been life changing. I wish I could tell you everything but I’m sure you have no time to read a book. When I say life changing, I really do mean it. For a lot of people beauty school is either a dream or just something to do. Let me tell you that if your just going to beauty school just for something to do, it ain’t that easy. The teachers at Tricoci are very supportive and show you what Cosmetology is all about. Being a stylist is not only a job but it’s a dream. My favorite part about school was when I moved out of essentials and to the advance class. You learn so many tips and tricks! TUBC isn’t your average beauty school. There are so many energetic personalities, and there is never a dull moment!

Everyone at TUBC is like a big family. We bicker together, we laugh together and we cry together. But at the end of the day we still have each other’s back. Having that support system is what I truly believe has kept me going. Tricoci is not a place where people fail. All of the teachers are so helpful and will feed you as much knowledge as possible. I remember in high school if you didn’t turn in your homework it would just be put in the grade book as a zero. At TUBC if you miss homework, trust me, you will be reminded 20 times that day to get that homework in. The teachers actually care about you and want to see you succeed and they will try anything to get you there.

In ten years I would love to see myself meeting and obtaining my biggest goal: owning a salon! I say ten years because I want to have that experience behind the chair. Plus, you need to be in a salon and get the feel of how this industry operates. Another dream of mine would be teaching cosmetology. Whenever I show a client a new trick, I love seeing that glowing reaction. Imagine how it would feel to teach twenty people something new! Well, one day I would love to fulfill all my dreams but I guess for now it will be one step at a time. Wish me luck!

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