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Behind the Scenes: Zodiac Signs

February 21st, 2019

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The Design Team at Tricoci University of Beauty Culture is made up of elite stylists, colorists, make-up artists, estheticians, barbers, and other professionals that use those talents to create the majority of the images you see within the campuses and marketing material. During their most recent photoshoot for the zodiac signs themed Creative Demo coming up in March of 2019, Amy Collazo, Design Team Leader, fills us in on all of the behind the scenes fun and inspiration for the looks.

“As part of the Design Team our job is to organize all of next year’s themes by the fall of the previous year. During 2018, we used our students, staff, and guests on Facebook help us narrow down the final 3 photoshoot and creative demo themes for 2019.  First on our list for 2019 was Zodiac Signs.” says Amy Collazo.

Part of the Design Team’s job is to attend as many industry shows and events as possible in order to research upcoming beauty trends and themes to inspire our students.

“We wanted to portray who we really are based on our signs. During our first meeting, we selected 4 zodiac signs that represented 4 of our Design Team members and then narrowed it down by the element of creativity. We knew that Sagittarius needed to be fierce, so we drew our inspiration from the female archer. Her look needed to be adventurous and have a passion to lead the pack. She is an alpha female. We really wanted Taurus to represent the strength and focus of the bull. We wanted him to have a natural rugged look, with sharp and defined features. For Scorpio, we wanted to showcase the dark side of beauty. We gave her a classic hairstyle with a twist, and her eye makeup mirrored the black coating of a real scorpion. Our Gemini was, of course, the “twin.” The light and dark, the soft and sharp.” says Amy Collazo.

For every photoshoot the Design Team does there are equally as inspiring storyboards that go with them. These storyboards are built from pictures, art, colors, and overall inspiration for each look, including a headshot of the model’s face and hair for reference.

“On the day of the shoot, we really use the storyboards only as guides, that way during the shoot we can really unleash our creativity and what we’re feeling from the hair and makeup in the moment. It’s honestly amazing to see what the team comes up with on the day of the shoot just using those boards as a baseline. We all get our hands on each model and get to add our own touches. It’s like a conversation that one person starts and the other person finishes. The best part of these photo shoots is being able to use some of our most talented students from each of the campuses as our assistants. The students get hands-on experience with all the models and the environment of what it’s like to work on a real photo shoot set. These shoots are so important to the Design Team because we want to inspire our students to think outside the box when it comes to our creative demos and help show the importance of what good teamwork can create.”

The Zodiac Signs Creative Demo and Beauty Showcase will take place on Thursday, March 21st, 2019 at 6pm at all 16 Tricoci University campuses. For more information on the event please check out our Facebook page.

The Team

Amy Collazo – Hair and Makeup
Bearj Antonio – Facebook Live
Deana Boozer – Hair
Erin DiGangi – Photographer and Producer
Glynis Gonzalez – Support
Trish Galbavy – Hair
Sam Parker – Makeup
Tony Geyser – Hair

Models included Andrew Waldrop, Miriam Coix, Bella Crum, Dhruval Patel

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