Fruit Loops Hair Color, How To

April 2nd, 2019

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By Patricia Galbavy, Cosmetology Master Educator

Create the Look

Before you start, remember that it’s ok to lay different colors on top of each other. Pulp Riot hair colors won’t bleed! Don’t forget to adjust your colors as needed depending on the undertone or pre-tone the hair. Ex: add violet to any color if yellow is still present in hair.

  1. Start with a horizontal parting in the nape and apply color in a crisscross application
  2. Move to a radial parting in the crown area
  3. Diagonal forward parting in front quads
  4. Keep at towel to wipe hand in between different colors when applying
  5. Explain color maintenance to your guests, such as sulfate free shampoo & conditioner and that less shampooing will make colors last longer

Note: All these partings were to work with her haircut.
Products Used
Pulp Riot in Candy with Cupid
Pulp Riot in Lemon
Pulp Riot in Powder
Pulp Riot in Seaglass
Pulp Riot in Lilac
Why Pulp Riot
Because it’s beautiful – obviously. But Pulp Riot semi-permanent hair color have other amazing qualities as well. Pulp Riot won’t bleed into other colors which are key with a look like this. The colors will also last 20 shampoos, are sulfate free, and vegan. But the best part is that they fade true to color. Which means your blue won’t fade to green, it will fade to a lighter blue.


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