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June 19th, 2012

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By April Bullock, Tricoci University at Chicago NE

My name is April Bullock; I’m currently a part-time cosmetology student at Tricoci University North East Campus (Rogers Park). My experience here has been exciting, rewarding, and a whirl wind to say the least. Each day brings on new challenges and expectations that I could never imagine upon my first day as a student. In the beginning, as an essential student working in the classroom close to my peers and with one of the best teachers (Ms. Cassandra Guy), I was taught the fundamentals of hair care, makeup, facials, waxing and nail care. I didn’t think I would come to enjoy the other aspects of beauty besides hair, but I’ve taken a strong liking to the overall outcome of making women, men and children look their best each and every day. Though hair is my main attraction, I must say pedicures, manicures and waxing have been something I pride myself in and enjoy, along with saying I think I’m the best at it (come on I had one of the best to teach me).

Now that I’m an advanced student and receiving the remaining of my training on the clinic floor, I get the opportunity to see my work first hand on clients that walk through the door for services. I come to school every day set on getting a client and having that individual walk out a satisfied customer. With the help of my peers and teachers, that goal is accomplished every day, and I even have a few regulars that come in and only request me for their services…YAY!! One thing I’ve learned as a student here at Tricoci is that you have to have a passion for this craft to become great, patience to overcome the demand that comes with the everyday clientele, and drive and ambition to own your own success and power you desire once graduating.

I’m proud to be a Tricoci University student; I’m proud of what the Tricoci name represents, and I’m proud to provide a service that’s nothing less than exceptional with the help of professional licensed teachers that take pride in their students and everything we do. Lastly, I want to give a big thanks to my classmates. They are a wholesome set of guys – we all share the same passion, we all want to be the best we can be in the beauty industry, and we have a bond with one another that separate us from the rest. We don’t give up on one another, and we encourage each other to strive at being the best we can be.

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