Bride of Frankenstein Makeup – Halloween Tutorial

October 29th, 2019

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Bride of Frankenstein Makeup

Bride of Frankenstein may be a classic Halloween costume, but that doesn’t mean your makeup has to be boring. In this updated version, the professional makeup artists at Tricoci University of Beauty Culture bring a modern twist to this spooky costume.

From the black and white classic movie, this Bride of Frankenstein makeup gets a technicolor boost from Gotye-style makeup color blocking. Use this step-by-step tutorial to create the ultimate Bride of Frankenstein Halloween makeup.

Step 1: Prep Your Face

Bride of Frankenstein prep face

Start with a freshly cleaned face. If you’re using airbrush face paint, apply an airbrush face primer. Otherwise, prepare the face with a liquid foundation.

Step 2: Sketch Your Color Pattern

Bride of Frankenstein sketch pattern

Using a black eyeliner pencil, sketch out the pattern for your color-block design.
We divided the face into three sections. Along the shoulder area, we created an open-ended five-pointed star.

Step 3: Start with the Lighter Colors

Bride of Frankenstein lighter colors

Start by applying light green and yellow colors to the desired sections. We used a Frankenstein-green shade for the lower part of the face, down onto the neck. The yellower tone was used for one of the face sections around an eye, as well as four other sections along the shoulders.

Step 4: Add in Brighter Colors

Bride of Frankenstein lighter colors

Using a darker green color, outline each of the light green sections. Along the shoulder area, color in two additional sections with a turquoise blue.

Step 5: Fill-in with Light Purple

Bride of Frankenstein light purple

Apply a light purple color to the empty sections on the face and torso.

Step 6: Add in Darker Purple

Bride of Frankenstein darker purple

Outline each light purple section with a darker purple. Fill-in some sections entirely with the dark purple shade.

Step 7: Develop Eyes and Highlights

Bride of Frankenstein eyes highlights

Using deep-toned eyeshadow, create a cat-eye shape. Match the color you use to the underlying makeup, either a deep purple or a dark green. Apply product along the crease and outer corner. Blend out and up.
Apply highlighter to select areas such as the center of the eyelid and along the upper cheekbones.

Step 8: Add Red Outline

Bride of Frankenstein red outline

Using red cream-based makeup or paint, re-outline the black lines to start developing the illusion of your skin being pieced together.

Step 9: Sharpen Lines with Black

Bride of Frankenstein black lines

Using a black eyeliner, go over the existing red lines to darken them and create more definition.

Step 10: Add Stitching

Bride of Frankenstein stitching

Using your black eyeliner, add small stitch lines along the shape outlines.

Step 11: Refine Stitching with Silver

Bride of Frankenstein stitching with silver

Using a silver cream or eyeliner, trace each stitch to create a metallic look.

Step 12: Finish the Look.

Bride of Frankenstein finished look

Fill in the eyebrows with eyebrow powder. Set all makeup with a finishing powder.
Define eyelashes using mascara or add false eyelashes. To the lips, apply a purple cream-based paint or lipstick.

Step 13: You’re Done!

Bride of Frankenstein Halloween

With this boldly-colored makeup and the iconic streak of gray hair, you’ve got the perfect Bride of Frankenstein Halloween costume.

Are you ready to take your makeup to the next level? Train to become a professional makeup artist in the Esthetics Program at Tricoci University.

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