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April 3rd, 2014

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Guest post by Kaitlyn Ready, a TUBC student at our Glendale Heights campus.

Cirque du Soleil is an awesome circus event where they have all kinds of performers from acrobats to exotic animal performances. Our take on Cirque du Soleil, an event called Cirque Du Tricoci, was the exotic makeup and wardrobe that is behind this awesome show. So the students have an option if you would like to participate in this creative demo for extra hours and fun! The event is from 5-8. Students can choose any theme from the Cirque du Soleil act to recreate with amazing hair and makeup. You can start your hair and makeup at 5:30 and you have until 7 to get everything ready and fabulous for the fashion show! There are usually about 10 groups that participate and they do a runway walk for our guests that come to see the show and those guests vote on the winner!

Some of our guests that come in are prospective students or even friends and family. So we really put on an awesome show for them not only do we do the runway for them and display our awesome end results but we actually do a hair demo for them as well. Cassie one of our students ran the hair demo last night at Cirque Du Tricoci and she showed our guest some awesome techniques on how to curl hair with different tools and how to use some of the tools we use here at Tricoci University! After our guests watch the hair demo they are guided back to our theory room where they can grab some snacks we present to them and take a seat to watch the show!

Behind the scenes our students are preparing for the show and let me tell you we have the most creative students I have ever seen. It amazes me the creativity some of these lovely ladies have I mean it takes me by shock every time! That is what’s so awesome about being in the beauty industry because there are absolutely no limits on what you can do with hair and makeup. Some of our students that attended this creative demo were Kayla, Genelle, and Kristen. These students are actually still in essentials,which means they are not on the floor yet taking guests. It just shows you how truly amazing their creative skills are because they don’t have too much experience behind under their belt. That did not hold them back from winning the contest! They did such an awesome job. Their character they were trying to create was fire which is one of the Themes from Cirque du Soleil. Some of the techniques and products they used for this look was back combing in which you back comb the hair to give it a ton of volume. They also used got 2 b hair glue which people use mostly for things like a Mohawk to help it stand on end. This really came to play in their design to help hold that sky high hair in place. They also had some colored hair spray they used red, orange and yellow which are the common colors of flames. They also added a ton of glitter for her makeup to really make her stand out. There end product really was amazing and they deserved every last bit of that first place prize! Especially for still being in essentials!

Some of our other contestants portrayed different elements from Cirque du Soleil such as fire and ice, acrobats, ring master, and clowns. Their interpretations of their characters were awesome as well. You can see from my pictures the amazing time and fun we have here at Tricoci University. You can also see the amazing talent we are so very proud to sport. It’s incredible to have no limits on creative ideas and it really opens up so many doors of ideas and I think hair stylist are really coming into this new era where anything is possible!

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