dan johnson at mario tricoci salon

Mario Tricoci and Dan Johnson

April 8th, 2014

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Guest post by Nancy Adkins, a student at our Rockford campus.

The experience I had with Mario Tricoci and Dan Johnson was amazing! Dan Johnson is a color specialist and been in the beauty industry for 30 years. Mario Tricoci has a chain of salons and schools spanning nine different locations. Dan and Mario are very successful and it was a wonderful experiencing just being around people of their status. I learned a how to do a hair consultation more thoroughly on a client from Dan Johnson. He taught me how to look at my clients’ skin and “high color” to help choose the right hair color on them. I learned with the complexion of my skin color and eye color that I can wear a golden/rich blonde. For example, the hair color that best fits me is the golden blonde that Beyonce wears a lot. I was very happy that someone of his caliber compared me to Beyonce – that I feel very special! I learned from Mario Tricoci that doing hair isn’t just a job. It’s a career. He asked us what a job even is? He responded “A job is just above broke”. As in, cosmetologist don’t do hair just as a job, but as a career. “80 percent of being a successful cosmetologist is having a great attitude/personality, and 20 percent is your actual skills.”

I will always remember the day Mario Tricoci and Dan Johnson visit my school, I learned so much from them. I will always remember what I have been taught and will take it with me forever as I pursue a career in the beauty industry!

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