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April 9th, 2014

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This is a guest post by Katy Torgerson, a student at our Rockford campus

Coming into Tricoci University for the first time was a bit overwhelming at first. I had toured other beauty colleges and I was not convinced that my experience would be as comfortable as possible. But I felt the best at TUBC. And coming in to meet Miss Kristen was very encouraging! My mom and I felt that Tricoci would be a very nice experience thanks to her.

Essentials was a very interesting experience, even if I felt a bit overwhelmed again. Talking about all the mark offs on the clinic floor was quite nerve-racking, and I was experiencing changes starting school full time and starting a new job working part time. But I felt like coming to class was a time for me to focus on what is important. And Miss Amber was so helpful! I think I speak for my whole class when I say we all have a very special bond.

On to the clinic floor, I felt as any new stylist would feel. I started mark offs and was feeling like school wasn’t for me, but the assistance of my teachers helped me see that this is where I belong! Over all, I feel like my Tricoci University experience so far has definitely been worth the time and commitment. I feel like I am getting the education I need to be the best stylist I am capable of being. I look forward to handing out my resume and putting Tricoci’s name on it. I feel I will be able to have a good foundation in learning new skills and the use of different products.

I would recommend this school to anyone interested in beauty! It’s the best beauty school out there.

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