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Tricoci University: My New Family

April 10th, 2014

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This is a guest post by Cortne Stroner, a student at our Rockford campus

I’m Cortne and I attend Tricoci University of Beauty Culture in the Rockford area. I choose Tricoci University because, they have their own way of teaching. Students at Tricoci aren’t just thrown into a classroom, they start fresh and from the beginning. They learn the basics, all the way from holding shears, to color corrections and even perms. They value education more than any school in the Midwest or any school I have ever been to.

At Tricoci it’s not just about cutting hair, or adding color to someone’s hair, there is more to it. Everyone learns about the science of hair and skin, so we actually understand and can communicate to the costumers correctly. And it’s not just a school to me; it’s like family there. I made a lot of friends at Tricoci, and some have become my best friends. I have not only made friends with the students, I have also made close personal connections with my teachers. I have met some pretty great people by doing their hair. It’s amazing how much a relationship can grow through doing hair.

Tricoci has been quite the experience for me; we get a lot of guest speakers that give us good tips on hair and techniques we can use, trips to Chicago for demo events, having cookouts when its nice out and we even have competitions where we all get real competitive. Being a student at Tricoci, I’ve had advantages like half off products, personal services, beauty show tickets, and trips I would never be able to take without this school. I was actually able to meet Mario Tricoci himself and his personal assistants! It was a pretty great experience by itself, but bonding and sharing common interests with him was something I will never forget.

These past ten months have probably been the most eye-opening and thought provoking months of my life. I really do want to do hair and I want it to be my career; Tricoci has opened that door. I honestly can say that I love my new family and my new home.

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