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Creative Demo to End Domestic Violence

July 21st, 2016

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Tricoci University Creative Event Seeks to End Domestic Violence with the Deep Blue Summer Demo

Students Will Create Blue Hair, Nails and Makeup Designs Thursday, July 21

Blue: a color that denotes water, sky and peacefulness.

At Tricoci University of Beauty Culture, blue will raise awareness of domestic violence on Thursday, July 21. During the “Deep Blue Summer” Creative Demo, students will use blue in their creative hair, nail and makeup designs in support of The NO MORE Project to end domestic violence and sexual assault.

The public is invited to be part of the demo, which begins at 6 pm on Thursday, July 21, at all 14 Tricoci University locations in Illinois and Indiana.

Our students love doing something that hones their skills while benefitting the community at the same time. We all probably know someone who has been the victim of domestic violence or sexual assault, whether we know it or not. Supporting the NO MORE campaign is a great way for all of us to give back and help raise awareness of this silent epidemic,” says Ross Bravo, CEO of Tricoci University. “We hope many people will come join us and get their ‘blue’ on.”

NO MORE was conceived to amplify and support the anti-domestic violence and sexual assault movement by becoming a unifying symbol to drive awareness and break down the barriers of stigma, silence and shame that keep people from talking about these issues and taking action to prevent them. Co-founded as a public/private partnership, NO MORE was created as a platform for those working to end domestic violence/sexual assault, in the belief that greater dialogue will fuel enhanced funding for direct service, advocacy and prevention.

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