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Falling for Fall Makeup Trends

July 26th, 2011

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By Gabriela Santana-Blackburn, Tricoci University Director of Esthetics and Instructor Training
Sure, we might be in the midst of summer’s hottest days, but Tricoci University students are already hard at work perfecting fall makeup trends. I’ll give you a sneak peek and some tips to get ahead of the game!

TREND 1 – Nude Face

Natural and flesh-toned eyes, cheeks and lips

To achieve this, stick to a few key elements:

  • Concealer: One of the important factors to a nude look is appearing to have flawless skin. Since few of us have this, concealer is a must!
    • Use a creamy concealer with a slight yellow or orange tint, and is just a bit lighter than your skin color, under your eyes (it’ll balance the darker colors of any circles). Before applying to your skin, warm up the concealer by placing a small amount on the back of your hand and rubbing it with your finger or brush. This trick helps prevent any cakey look!
    • To hide blemishes/pigmentation, use a concealer that matches your skin color perfectly and dab onto your face.
    • Foundation: Most shy away from traditional to avoid heavy looking makeup. But, there are other options than the traditional liquid makeup.
      • Mineral powder gives coverage to hide or blend all the small imperfections to create a smooth even canvas.  Make sure that you match the shade perfectly to your skin (the best way to do this is to test the color at the jaw line so that you are certain that it will blend into the face and neck). Mineral powder should be applied in a circular motion with a big kabuki brush.
      • Tinted moisturizer is very light and will cover your face with a sheer veil. Apply this product just as you would a facial moisturizer.
      • Cheeks: Blush should be a very soft and sheer tone of pink or peach to give a hint of color on the apple of the cheek.  Don’t use bold, bright colors!
      • Eyes: Do not line your eyes, but use mascara and very light, muted eyeshadow tones.
      • Lips: Use a sheer gloss – or you blend this nude look with bold lip color (see below!).

TREND 2 – Bold Lips

Stand-out, bold, dramatic looks with merlot and violet colors

Careful! Lots of people overdo this look by using the wrong colors.

  • Try to be subtle with your eyes. Having dramatic eyes and lips can really overpower a face.
    • When choosing the color, make sure that you select one that complements your overall look.
      • If you’re wearing cool colors (blues, violets, blue greens, silver, etc.), choose a red that has a blue base to it or a violet shade.
      • For warm colors (yellows, golds, rust, orange, etc.), choose a red that has a more orangey tone to it.  This will help to create a balance in your overall look.

TREND 3: Smoke-Lined Eyes

Rather than an all-over smokey eye, try smokey eyeliner

Accent the eye – but get rid of the common straight/defined line so it’s much more diffused.

  • When creating this look, apply a dark liner (in any tone) to the eye.  Apply a heavy layer in the outer corner and a soft, fine layer to the inner corner of the eye.
  • Diffuse the harsh line by rubbing the link with a cotton swab in a zig-zag motion.
  • If you have an issue with your liner running or spreading to other areas of your eye then take a similar shadow color and brush a light layer over the liner to set it in place.  You can finish off the rest of the eye with a soft, muted shade on the lid.

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