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Free Haircuts on Veterans Day

April 19th, 2021

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Every year on November 11, people across the United States celebrate Veterans Day. This holiday celebrates all people currently in the military or who have previously been in the military. To celebrate these people, many businesses and other locations also offer free services or products for these individuals. Tricoci University of Beauty Culture is one of them. Read on to learn more about what Tricoci University is doing to celebrate veterans this November 11.

What Is Tricoci University Offering on Veterans Day?

Tricoci Clinic Salon

This Veterans Day, Tricoci University is offering free haircuts for male and female veterans and active military personnel. Men can get a haircut or shave at any campus that offers the barbering program, while women can get a haircut at any campus that offers the cosmetology program, which includes all Tricoci University campuses.

This Veterans Day, Tricoci University wants to make sure veterans and military personnel know that they’re valued. “We can never do enough to say thank you to the brave men and women who protect and defend us. This is a way we can honor their sacrifice,” says Ross Bravo, former CEO of Tricoci University of Beauty Culture. “We hope our students are busy all day. We are honored to observe Veterans Day in this way.”

Who Can Receive Free Haircuts From Tricoci University?

Veterans and active military personnel can receive free haircuts from Tricoci University on November 11. That means if you’re currently in the military or you’ve previously been in the military at any time, you’re eligible to come in. Make sure you bring proof of military service so that the Tricoci University students can verify your eligibility. Any official proof, including a military ID, is enough to receive your free service.

Free haircut at Tricoci

When Can I Get a Free Haircut From Tricoci University?

All Tricoci University campuses will be offering free haircuts to veterans and active military personnel on November 11 during normal hours, which vary between campuses. There are many campuses across Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin, which means you may be near a Tricoci University campus even if you didn’t know about it. Each Tricoci University campus will be happy to provide you with a free haircut if you meet the eligibility criteria.

Who Will Give Me My Free Haircut?

When you show up for your free haircut on November 11, a well-trained student will be the one who gives you your haircut. Tricoci University clinical salons are in place to help students learn how to cut and style hair on an actual client. When you walk in, you’ll get a cut from a trained professional under the supervision of a licensed instructor, ensuring there are no problems with your cut.

How Do I Sign Up to Get This Free Haircut?

You can just walk into any Tricoci University location to get your free haircut. However, especially on Veterans Day, it’s common for these clinical salons to be very busy. Instead of just walking in, you may want to call to make an appointment. That way, you’ll be sure to get your haircut without having to wait for a long period of time.

Does Tricoci University Offer Any Other Discounts?

Military members, teachers, and frontline workers can benefit from the Tricoci Loves Community initiative. It’s available at all Tricoci University locations, and it offers free haircuts for military members and veterans, as well as a 10% discount for teachers and frontline workers. Stop in at any time with a valid proof of ID to take advantage of these discounts.


Veterans Day is a day to honor and remember veterans and active service personnel, and Tricoci University wants to make that a core component of the Veterans Day celebrations. If you’re an active military member or a veteran, make sure you stop into your local Tricoci University campus to get your free haircut as a courtesy.


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