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Graduating from Chicago NW

September 13th, 2011

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I started beauty school back in December 2010 at the new Tricoci University Chicago NW campus.  To think I’ll be graduating in about a month makes me both extremely excited and a bit sad. I’ve really enjoyed my time here at school, I’ve gotten to meet a lot of new friends who share the same passion and creativity that I have and love for hair. I’ve also had the experience of having some amazing educators who have helped me along the way.  Not have the educators helped me with learning new techniques, they’ve also helped me keep focused and excited to do new things.

On one of our last days of theory, our educator had us make a creative updo. We could choose from two different categories, futuristic water worlds or retro animal instinct. The projects turned out absolutely stunning. Everyone worked really hard and it definitely showed. We all brought in different feathers, paint, pipe cleaners, fake plants and glitter (lots of glitter). It was great to see how all of us got creative with our updos and took it into a more avant-garde look that could be worn down the runway. That’s the beauty with this industry, you can take a simple updo that you learn in your fundamentals of learning class in beauty school and you build off it to create something even more. That’s what I absolutely love about this industry; whatever you put into it, is what you’re going to get out of it.

My time here at the Tricoci University Chicago NW campus has been a life changing experience; I’ve grown not only as a cosmetologist, but also into my own self. I have more confidence and creative passion than ever thanks to Tricoci University. I plan to put my all into what I choose to do after I graduate, and the possibilities are endless – I can’t wait to begin my journey.nwnw1nw2

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