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September 16th, 2011

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By Liz Hayes, Tricoci University in Peoria

My name is Elizabeth, and throughout my whole life I knew what I wanted to be a Cosmetologist when I grew up. I always did my friends and family’s hairstyles for homecoming, prom and weddings and I knew I must be pretty good at it since everyone continued to ask me to do this for them.  My mom is a Professional Cosmetologist and was/is my daily inspiration.  One day she told me if I enjoyed doing hair so much why not make it a career, not a hobby.  I just graduated from high school and I instantly knew I wanted to enroll in a beauty school to become a licensed Cosmetologist.  I looked around at local beauty schools and decided the best choice for me was Tricoci University of Beauty Culture in Peoria. I started January 4 and my graduation date is October 20 and I am bound and determined to graduate on time by my contract date or before!

Looking back, I remember that the first day at Tricoci University was exciting-it was like Christmas day! My whole class received everything we needed to begin our new career here at Tricoci University. I was nervous in the beginning, but a couple days passed and as I started to get to know my new classmates and teachers and I was not nervous anymore and I started to become really confident in my skills. I gained better social skills and I learned how to develop my cosmetology skills more and more every day. I have learned in class how to satisfy my customers and build cliental, make new friends and get along with other students. I have even become inspired to one day open my own salon.

I’ve learned a lot from Tricoci University. I believe it has made me grow up and realize that things are tough but, you always keep your head up and never let anything break you down. Every day at TUBC is something new and I enjoy sharing what I have learned by passing it on to other students.

Here is how I view things and I would like to share with anyone thinking about starting their profession in the beauty industry: I make it my goal to come to school every day with the best attitude that I can have because your attitude shows who you really are as a person.. I LOVE what I do, I truly love making people smile and I enjoy listening to what they have to say. Every person is different when they come and sit in your chair. I try to consider all of my guests as a friend because you never know what that person has been through or how much you as a personally can affect them. There are days in the salon that will become tedious. Everyone has flaws and sometimes things can go bad, but I see every day as another challenge for me to learn and grow in order to be able to change lives.

Now that I’m upon graduating, I know that I really want to travel around the world and work as a professional Cosmetologist.  I want to begin my career by moving to downtown Chicago and work for Mario Tricoci! I think he is a wonderful and talented man and he has inspired me to be the hardworking Cosmetologist that I am. Hearing his stories, seeing his amazing accomplishments and admiring his all-around personality, has made me able to express myself in creative ways and learn new trends such as, extravagant updo’s and creative makeup.

I am excited to graduate!  I know that my education at TUBC is coming to an end point, but it’s coming so fast.  Even so, I also know that this is just the first step in the journey of my long-term profession, and I am SO EXCITED!


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