Jigsaw Makeup – Step-by-Step Halloween Tutorial

October 25th, 2019

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Is your Halloween costume inspired by the horror movie Jigsaw? For help getting the perfect look, we turned to the professional makeup artists at Tricoci University of Beauty Culture. In this step-by-step tutorial, you’ll learn how to achieve Jigsaw’s spooky white face color, characteristic cheek swirls and hauntingly dark eyes.

Use this Jigsaw makeup tutorial to create a scream-worthy Halloween costume.

Step 1: Darken the Eyes

Starting with a freshly cleaned face, begin your Halloween makeup with the eyes. This will help you avoid eyeshadow fallout and keep the rest of your face stark white.

Prime the eyelid from brow to lashline using concealer or an eyeshadow base.

Create a smokey eye by using black and/or grey eyeshadows on the eyelid and working them up into the crease. Blend out any harsh lines with a white eyeshadow under the brow.

Step 2: Paint Face White

Apply white face makeup to the entire face, blending down the neck.

For best results, use a water-activated cream-to-powder face paint that’s applied with a wet sponge.

White face paint can be tricky to work with, so be patient. Rather than a typical technique of paint strokes, use a patting or pressing technique to get smooth, even coverage. If areas look spotty, gently pat more white face paint in that area and blend out the edges.

Be careful when using the face paint near the eyes so you don’t disturb the smokey eye you’ve already created.

If the product you use dries to a powder finish, you don’t need to apply setting powder. If the face paint has a dewy finish, apply a white or translucent setting powder to get a matte look.

Step 3: Finish the Eyes

Finish the smokey eye by bringing the black eye shadow under the eye using a small eyeshadow brush.

Use a black liquid or pencil eyeliner to line the top of the eye. Line the waterline using a black pencil eyeliner. Also, apply mascara to the top and bottom lashes.

Step 4: Define Eyebrows

Apply black brow powder or eye shadow to the eyebrows, creating whatever shape is appealing to you.

Step 5: Create Contouring

Contour the face using black face powder or eyeshadow. Concentrate on the sides of the nose, bringing it up into the eye socket, as well as the cheekbones. Be sure to blend, blend, blend!

After applying the contouring color, use a fluffy eyeshadow brush and blend outward, breaking up the harsh line.

Step 6: Color Lips Red

Apply a red matte lipstick to the lips, making sure to slightly extend the corners of the lips in an upward motion. Be precise with your application! Use the white face paint to conceal any mistakes.

Step 7: Create Cheek Swirls

Using the same red lipstick or a red face paint, use a small, fine paintbrush to create the red bullseye on each cheek.

Start on the apple of the cheek, working the swirls outward. Contour around the front of each bullseye using black/gray eyeshadow, blending it outward.

Step 8: Add Chin Marks

Using black eyeshadow, face paint or eyeliner, create the lines on the chin. Start them at the edge of the lips and draw them down the chin. Reapply white face paint as needed to conceal any mistakes.

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