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Mario Tricoci’s Respect

September 29th, 2011

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By Jocelyn McGee, Tricoci University at Chicago NE

I am a student at Tricoci University of Beauty Culture at the Chicago Northeast Campus and I am so excited that Mario Tricoci himself came to visit our school today.  It was amazing!  Mr. Mario started off by showing his sculpting techniques by demoing on one of our students.  He used expert precision and he shared just a couple of his special “sculpting tricks” with us.  He also shared his own personal experience from being in the industry with us.  This really opened my eyes to see what it was like to really be a professional hair stylist or assistant.  Mario Tricoci motivated me to want to be the best stylist that I can be and to uphold the level of professional and quality of work that I have been taught here at Tricoci University.  While speaking, Mr. Mario said something that really left me thinking.  He said:
mario-tricoci“I was never friends with my clients because I respected them too much.” 

I think that statement is so inspiring and it makes so much sense!  It shows that he respected his clients so much, that no matter how well he gets to know them, or they get to know him, that he would never downgrade the level of professional service he had towards them because THAT is what made them leaving the salon feeling so great.  I really hope that the other campuses get the chance to meet him as well because he is such an inspiration and gives off so much good energy!  Thanks, Mr. Mario, for all your motivation!

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