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Men’s Beard Trends for 2021

June 24th, 2021

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With more time spent at home, we’ve seen men growing out their facial hair now more than ever. Just like a haircut can make or break your look, the cut and style of facial hair can also completely change your look. Facial hair can help frame your face, emphasize certain features, or even make you appear older. If you’ve been considering growing out a beard, or want to make a change to the hair you currently have, follow along for some of the most popular trends to refresh your look for summer!

Short Shadow

short shadow beard style

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It used to be thought that men’s stubble looked unkempt; however, this look can be professional and add dimension to the face if taken care of properly. It can also be a way to have the look of facial hair for those who may struggle to grow a full beard. To achieve the short, 5 o’clock shadow look, allow facial hair to grow in for 3-4 days. This gives hair enough length to be full but still manageable. To keep this look intact and “clean” looking, use a beard trimmer. Be sure to exfoliate the area prior to shaving to rid skin of any dirt and dead skin. After shaving, follow with a moisturizer.


Similar to the 5 o’clock shadow, a scruff look can provide more depth to the face and add a touch of maturity, while covering any scars or imperfections you’d like to hide. This look requires a bit more growth than the typical shadow; avoid shaving for about a week or two. This provides enough time to get fullness of hair, without getting too unruly. The continue upkeep for this style of beard, you must continually cut it shorter than you would a typical short beard. A scruff beard can look good on any facial shape.


The Beard-stache is a unique style that few men go for, but can provide a very masculine look in its final stage. The beard-stache look is a popular style among celebrities like Henry Cavill. This facial hair choice requires a fully grown moustache with a short, almost stubble type of beard. There are a variety of ways to go about achieving this look, depending on what aspect of your facial hair you would like to grow in first. If you have an oval or diamond face shape , this could be a great look for you because it will help balance the face.

Business-Acceptable Beard

Business Acceptable Beard style

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While the popular belief is that a clean-shaven face is the most appropriate look for the office, you can look presentable and professional with facial hair. In fact, an appropriate length of beard can make you appear more mature, especially if you have a younger, and rounder face. The key to a corporate-appropriate beard is fullness, and consistent grooming. A good length for a business-acceptable beard is about ½ inch to 1 inch in length. This may take a bit longer to grow out, to ensure that the beard is full, not patchy. Be sure to trim your beard using a beard trimmer to ensure that there are no stray hairs. Finish this look off with a beard oil to not only moisturize skin and prevent irritation, but also to tame any unruly hairs that can’t seem to stay in place.

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